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Why It’s Okay To Be A Mom And Put Yourself First

As a mother, we find ourselves putting everyone first and ourselves last. It’s never on purpose, but we don’t realize that we have to take a step back and relax until we’re nearly running on air. I’ve personally learned the hard way of being extremely exhausted that it started to reflect not only in my work, but just my energy throughout the day was missing. The problem with being extremely tired or not giving your all is that your children may not understand it and are still going full force x 10 with the playing, running, and more. For us as mothers to give our all for our family, careers, and ourselves, we have to take time for self-care and start putting ourselves first.

Some people frown at moms’ thoughts, saying they want a day of self-care or time to themselves. We’re expected to be 100% for everyone at all times, and that’s not life. Yes, we are amazing and can juggle x,y, and z, but we have to be 100% to do this. After realizing how much I have going on and knowing my toddler doesn’t quite understand when mommy’s tired, I decided that I will utilize the times when he’s at school, napping, or even on weekends when the hubby takes him out to play for the day to disconnect and relax with no distractions fully. We’re better when we can give 100% of ourselves rather than 2% barely and struggle to enjoy it.

A few things as a mom that you can do to make sure you’re taking those few minutes to yourself can be reading a chapter of your favorite book, catching up on a new show, or even just a quick nap.

Your health, your mind, and your body will thank you.

XO Jasmine

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