Why I’m Trying Whole 30


“Be The Change You Want To See”

Happy Monday! I hope you all are staying warm and making all of your 2018 goals come true. If you follow me on Instagram, I had a slow start to the new year due to a sinus cold. I’m usually able to push through which I did most days, but ultimately it just made me super tired by the end of the week which didn’t help my cold at all.

With the new year comes the long list of resolutions and goals or things we all say we’re going to change in the new year and it only last a week. Let’s be honest here, how many of you started off strong hitting the gym, and now it’s getting to two times a week if that schedule? They say it takes at least 30 days before something becomes a routine or fit naturally as your habit. 30 days sounds so quick but when you’re trying to complete something that you’re not used to it can seem long and dreaded. I created a vision board and wrote out full details on what I will accomplish this year, and it will take a lot of work, but I am fully ready to make it happen.

Not only work with my career and making memories with my family but taking control of my body and the foods I consume on a daily basis. After I had KJ, I honestly still have certain foods or things that don’t sit well with my body, and I think it’s just showing the real side of what the wrong food choices were doing to our bodies. No, I’m not eating fried foods and McDonald’s every day, but even the smallest things you think are “healthy” have the craziest ingredients when you look at the label. I also firmly believe that certain foods now are the reason for consistent breakouts I’m experiencing on my face. It’s super annoying, and if this can also help get me back on track to clearer skin pre-baby, then I am all aboard.

I knew when 2018 entered I wanted to remove specific food groups from my day to day entirely and when I talked to my husband about it, he agreed to help and join me on this journey. I started researching ideas on how to do this and came across Whole 30.

A quick rundown on what the Whole 30 rules are – very “clean” diet free from specific food groups including dairy, grains, and legumes, zero added sugar and no alcohol. This is all for 30 days straight. While doing meal planning for the week for our Whole 30, I started reading labels more which I haven’t honestly taken the time to read before really. You’d be surprised that there are so many things with sugar. It’s crazy. With the never-ending to-do list that I have, my energy levels could be ten times better, so that’s one of my top reasons for doing Whole 30. The amount of junk that you eat on a daily slows your body down and makes you feel worse than what you are.

So, this our first time doing this and from reading everyone who has done it loves it. I know the first couple of days may be tough but I know we can handle it. I will also document our journey letting you guys know if it’s really working and how we’re feeling week by week so stay tuned for that. I’m super excited to begin this life-changing journey and actually taken care of my body more. All it takes is 30 days to start something new. Join me!


Have you completed Whole 30? Is it worth the hype? Drop your thoughts below.

Xo Jasmine

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