Why Google Analytics Is Important For Your Blog

Google Analytics

If you have a blog, Google Analytics should be in your list of tools you use every day. When starting a blog it’s so easy to be overwhelmed with different resources and tools that are recommended to use for your website. Google Analytics can help guide your content and help you plan for success. When people talk about Google Analytics, it seems very complicated but once you get into the system, it is straightforward to figure out.  I’m going to share with you five ways you can use Google Analytics to grow your blog scroll down for more. 


#1 Use Google Analytics to plan out your content calendar.  

When planning your content for your website, you want to make sure that your content is relevant to your readers and your audience. It can get so overwhelming when trying to figure out what to write and figure out what your audience likes, but with Google Analytics, you’re able to dive deep into your website and figure out what your readers are loving and want your readers or not. This helps you not waste time on content that your readers are not fans of and help you better figure out a plan for blog growth.


#2 Where is your audience coming from (Location, Referrers, Etc.)

When planning content it is important to understand your audience such as their interest, location, age, demographics, and so on; this can help better plan out content. Understanding your audience allows you to dive deeper into what you’re going to discuss on your blog. For example, if most of your readers are based in Florida where the weather is usually pretty warm, year-round you wouldn’t invest all of your time creating content around winter pieces, winter style outfit ideas, and so on since your audience is based in the warmer climate this content will not be of their interest, and you will begin to lose readers. Don’t get me wrong you want to make sure everything you create is based around things that you love so if you are based in the colder climates but you feel that your audience is based in the warmer climates sooner or later the audience you’re trying to reach in those colder climates will begin to see your content, but you want to make sure that all the content you’re creating is relevant to you and to your audience to grow your blog. Also, being able to see is your audience coming from your social media channels, or is the traffic organic from Google, helps you better understand your reach.


#3 Track where people spend their time when they come to your website

It’s important to know what actually is attracting people to your website. If you’re creating content that takes you hours to make and you find out that people are only on your site for 10 seconds or they only go to the homepage and they don’t go past that then Google analytics allows you to further evaluate. Being able to track where people spend their time when it comes to your website is super important because you want to make sure you’re creating content that people actually want to see.


#4 Dive deeper into reader behavior

When it comes to being able to dive deeper into a reader’s behavior on your blog this is very important, especially if you’re looking to monetize your website. Being able to see exactly what your popular posts are on your blog and what attracts your readers the most can help you pitch yourself accurately for brand campaigns and partnerships using this data alone.


#5 It’s Free!

Keeping business costs to a minimum is very important. Especially during these times when so many businesses are closing. Being able to have a free source like Google Analytics can help you better prepare for now and in the future while growing your blog. 

Take the leap and get this free resource for your blog and get your brand growth going right away. Learn more here.

XO Jasmine

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