Whole 30 Diet Review – Week 2

Whole 30 Diet Review - Week 2 by popular Atlanta lifestyle blogger Xo Jasmine
Written By: Jasmine Crockett

Week 2 of Whole 30 is complete, and I honestly feel like crap. I got sick over the weekend with a sinus cold, and it’s been so hard to shake. I have a to-do list a mile long and being ill and no energy is no bueno. I always turn to soups when I have a cold but the soups I usually eat aren’t Whole 30 compliant, so I have improvised. Here’s a recipe linked here on a chicken soup that has been so delicious and helped a bit. I’ve found that as long as I continue to push through and drink plenty of liquids, I am feeling a bit better. I also got a recipe for a tea I am trying tonight, so I will let you all know how that goes as well. But, here’s my Whole 30 Diet review for Week 2:

Whole 30 Diet Review – Side Effects:

Up until this day, I still haven’t had any side effects. I’ve heard some crazy stories and read about some people having to stop within the first week, but thankfully it’s been doing more good for our body than bad. I can already see a difference in my waistline which I know is just the pregnancy weight shedding and not eating processed foods but still thankful.


Whole 30 Diet Review – My Favorite Whole 30 Meal:

In the book, there’s a meal called “Salmon Cakes.” They are made with sweet potatoes and initially, I skipped over it because I can’t stand the taste of sweet potatoes. My husband decided he wanted to join in on making some of the meals to give me a break (so thankful) and one of the days he cooked he made the cakes. I can’t lie, I ate those cakes so fast you would have thought sweet potatoes was one of my favorites. I’m not sure how he did it but you can barely taste the potatoes which made it an ultimate win, and they were just so delicious. That meal will be one we add to our menu occasionally after the Whole 3o is complete.


XO Jasmine



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