Whole 30 Diet Review – Week 4

whole 30 review

Whole 30 is complete! I would be lying if I said it was easy. You’re instantly changing a lifestyle you’ve had for awhile to something completely different with little time to prepare. I mean of course if you know two months out you want to do Whole 30 and decide then to gradually cut out certain things leading up to it that will help, but that wasn’t our case. I explain here why I even decided to do the Whole 30 diet and here, here, and here are previous weeks reviews to see exactly how it went. Here is also a shopping guide to help you navigate this if you’re interested in getting started.  With week four done, scroll down to get complete detail into how it all went and my thoughts on if I’d do it again.

whole 30 review

Whole 30 Diet Review – Side Effects:

With the close of Whole 30 complete, I can honestly say I feel amazing. My energy levels are crazy good, and I have super productive days starting early and able to shut down at a decent time. Before Whole 30, I honestly had days where I felt super sluggish and working late into the mornings instead of a proper work schedule. Now don’t get me wrong, there are days being an entrepreneur that my days and nights run long, and the workload is intense, but I wouldn’t trade it.

So a real side effect was my skin. Since having KJ, the breakouts were happening like crazy! When I started the Whole 30 diet, I was hoping to see extreme clear skin within a week, but that didn’t happen. I broke out more! That was one reason enough to want to quit, but I stuck with it. I decided to process of elimination with the skincare products I was using, the routine I had used them and the foods I was eating on what days.

It’s been an intense trial and error, but I think I am finally getting the hang onto what was causing this instead of clearing it up. I think getting the dairy completely out of my system has helped speed the process up a bit.  Now that I am done with the diet, I am still going to steer clear of so much dairy, it’s not a good fit for my body and doing this diet has helped me figure that out.

Whole 30 Diet Review – Favorite Meal:

So now that the entire Whole 30 diet is complete, my favorite meal would be two different things. The sweet potato salmon cakes and the turkey meatball with zucchini noodles. One, I didn’t even realize you could cut zucchini into noodles. (Don’t judge me) Two, sweet potatoes and zucchini are two things I know for sure before this I would not even think about putting it on my plate. I honestly learned on a diet it’s all about how you prepare the food and making it to your liking. So, before I say the words “Oh I don’t eat that” again, I will honestly give everything a fair trial.

Whole 30 Diet Review – Would I do it again?:

Would I do Whole 30 again? Honestly, probably not. It’s something great to do if you’re looking to cleanse and get on a new start but to continuously do this specific diet I wouldn’t. Did doing the diet help? Of course, it helped me learn to pay attention to the food items we are purchasing and read labels more. The food companies are tricky with their labels and marketing gimmicks, so it’s always best to read your label thoroughly.

It also showed me that preparing fresh meals at home is better and can be just as quick as grabbing a meal from a fast food joint. You also save good money when you realize how much you can make at home and not swiping your card at a restaurant every other day. I am super happy with where the diet put us especially weight wise and lifestyle, and we will certainly take everything we’ve learned into our everyday meal plannings and food choices.


XO Jasmine

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