Whole 30 Diet Review – Week 3

Whole 30 Diet Review

Week 3 of Whole 30 is complete and we are almost to the finish line. I honestly can’t believe we stuck with this the entire time. There were so many horror stories about doing Whole 30 and how most people quit but it’s not as bad as people made it. You’re still able to eat meat, fruits, veggies and more. You’re just changing the way you prepare your food and what you buy. I know since doing this we’ve grown a habit of looking the nutritional labels and ingredients more. We used to just get what we were used to buying or seeing something that said low sodium or low fat thinking it’s healthier. You honestly have to even look at those labels as well. One day while shopping I decided to compare labels on somethings and one product in particular labeled “low sodium” indeed actually had more sodium than the regular product. It’s honestly scary that companies can throw any marketing plows our way and everyone being human tends to fall for it without digging a little deeper. But, before I keep going too in-depth I want to share my feedback on our week 3 Whole 30 diet review.

Whole 30 Diet Review


Whole 30 Diet Review – Side Effects: 

This week I was at the tail-end of getting rid of this cold that I had but my energy levels are back through the roof. My husband and I have noticed a MAJOR difference in our waistline and other things. He’s currently working out almost every day as well which if you’re doing this Whole 30 Diet, make time to workout to really see change. I do small cardio when I can and will join him in the workout class with his trainer in a few weeks once I get settled into a good schedule especially with KJ. This isn’t really a side effect but I for sure have seen an increasingly huge number of more food and dessert commercials than I have ever seen before. Yes, once this over we are still taking a ton of what we learned into our day-to-day meal prep but I can’t lie or be human if I didn’t say I will treat myself with cookies and cream ice cream.

 Whole 30 Diet Review – My Favorite Whole 30 Meal:

On week 3 we kept it super simple with our meal prep and didn’t do anything extravagant. Your usual meats and veggies, salads and egg-based breakfast meals. Boring but still delicious.  We have a few new things we’re trying going into our last week and I can’t wait to share those with you all. Make sure you’re following my Instagram also as I share a ton of meals and things we’re making on my stories.


Also if you’re just joining in on my Whole 30 adventure and curious as to why I am even doing it? Check out the initial post here.


XO Jasmine


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