What To Do For Postpartum Acne

My skin is now in the postpartum phase. With my hormones all over the place, I just let my skin do its own thing without trying to overdo it. Now that my body is finally getting back on track and my skin is starting to level out, I still have small acne and dark marks that have come and go throughout the last few weeks. I’m obsessed with a good skincare routine and skincare brand so finding things that work for me as a postpartum mom is very important. I know there are other moms who are experiencing a few of these same issues with skin so I figured it’d be easy to round up 3 top tips to help with postpartum acne and what products have helped me get through this.

Cleanse your face daily (morning and night): Your skin deserves a good deep cleanse every day. From particles and dirt just in the air, you touch your phone, car, and other things with your hands that eventually touch your skin. Use those cleanses to get a jumpstart on preventing any acne and breakouts if necessary. 

  • Add Neutrogena Stubborn Acne & Marks product line to your skincare rotation. The Neutrogena Stubborn Acne Morning Treatment and the Neutrogena Stubborn Marks PM Treatment work hand in hand to stop the creation and growth of acne and get rid of any dark marks that old acne may have caused. I’m guilty of trying to pop marks on my face in the past or bothering acne spots which result in leaving the dark spots we all want to avoid. The best way to handle this, don’t touch your face! You can grab the Neutrogena product line at your local Target or target.com.
  • Visit your local dermatologist. Sometimes breakouts and skincare issues could be internally related. Visiting your dermatologist allows you to get a deeper look into your skin and see what exactly you may or may not need to get on the path to clear skin.
  • Drink lots of water. Believe it or not, water has a huge impact on your skin. Drinking the appropriate amount of water each day is not only good for your skin but good for your body.

There are so many things that can be done to get ance-free skin but these 3 tips should get you going in the right direction.  Shop the Neutrogena products mentioned above available at Target below to get a jumpstart on your ance-free journey. 

XO Jasmine

This post is sponsored by Neutrogena and Target but all opinions are my own.

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