Things To Do in Orlando Florida

Things To Do in Orlando Florida by popular Atlanta blogger XO Jasmine

Things To Do in Orlando Florida by popular Atlanta blogger XO Jasmine

Orlando, Florida home of the happiest place on earth. When I was younger up until college really, we visited Orlando every year. I never realized how fortunate we were to do this until I became older and there are so many people who still haven’t had the opportunity to visit Walt Disney World but Orlando. When you get older you definitely start to appreciate even the smallest things more and I am so grateful that my parents were able to do things like this for us. My husband and I love to travel and we want to allow our little one to explore the world with us. We want to make sure we are able to give him the same opportunities and even more than we had as a child. I had a chance to work with the Visit Orlando team to explore all of Orlando has to offer for families, and outside of Disney I never realized there are so many things to do in Orlando with kids. We were there for a few days and made our way to a variety of different things, and of course, Disney was included. Scroll down to read more on things to do in Orlando.


Things To Do In Orlando Florida:

Where to Stay:

Hilton Sea World Resorts: We had the opportunity to stay at this resort which is across the street from Sea World. The resort is gorgeous!! If you follow me on Instagram, I have a highlight titled travel, and you can see a glimpse of what it looks like in person. There were about four pools and two kiddie pools plus a restaurant poolside that had delicious food and drinks. This resort is family friendly and even comes with a game room, movie theater and other activities that you can do as a family right on the property.

Things To Do in Orlando Florida by popular Atlanta blogger XO Jasmine


Where to Play:

Orlando isn’t short of activities whether it’s for adults or family. We were there Thursday-Sunday, and we didn’t even touch the tip of all of the fun things Orlando has to offer. We will be back again soon I’m sure but check out a few things we did get a chance to do on our trip.

Things To Do in Orlando Florida by popular Atlanta blogger XO Jasmine

Walt Disney World – Magic Kingdom: This place is magical and makes adults feel like kids every time. I can visit this park over and over again and fall in love every single time. The parades, the shows, and the yummy food are all things you must make happen when you visit Magic Kingdom. Our little one was only nine months when we visited recently, and the Magic Kingdom makes the park perfect for any and all ages. We actually saw babies younger than him so don’t let age stop you. Just having them out to explore and see the shows and parades is more than enough. Our little one got excited, and his facial expressions to things were everything. I love being able to relive things like this through his eyes for the first time. It makes it all worth it.

Top Golf: We have this in Atlanta, and it’s one of our favorite things to do. I’m not the best lol but just doing something like this is different and fun. You’re giving your area with a table and tvs to relax and enjoy yourself and family. If your baby is in a stroller, there’s so much room that you’ll be fine bringing them in.

iFLY: We also have this in Atlanta, and it’s an indoor skydiving place. I didn’t do this because I had a sinus cold and opted to be the video person. My husband and sister did it, and they had a great time. I also have that on my travel highlights on Instagram so check it out. They say it helps prepare you if you ever want to do real Skydiving. There were kids like 5 and 6 doing this so that can help with better judgment on how intense it is. I think if you have the opportunity to try it you’ll love it.

Orlando Magic Game: We are a big sports family and having the opportunity to attend an Orlando Magics game was awesome. KJ loved it because it was his first basketball game and he was staring and all into everything they were doing. Again, seeing him amazed at the smallest things melts my heart.

Disney Springs: You can’t do a vacation and not shop right? Disney Springs is the new Downtown Disney for all of my Disney veterans. When we used to visit this are it was called Downtown Disney and always so much fun. They had a few shops but a ton of restaurants and other activities for families to do without going into the park. Now, Disney has rebranded and did a complete 360 with this space and renamed it, Disney Springs. It was beautiful out there. A ton of shops, restaurants, a movie theater and so much more. You can walk around eat shop and enjoy the variety of activities going on at the property when you’re looking to have more of a chill day.


Where to Eat:

Our little one at the time was starting to get introduced to table foods so finding a restaurant that had food he’d like wasn’t a priority for us as much as space and style of restaurant. We know we didn’t want to opt in to your five start suit and tie style restaurant because we did have a 9month old who likes to talk, laugh and everything else so putting him in that quiet environment wasn’t going to work. We opted for a fun and family-style restaurants each night, and most of them were in Disney Springs. If you stay at a Disney resort, you get meal plans that you can use at those restaurants. Our next trip to Orlando we are planning to stay at a Disney resort.

Bonefish Grill: Okay, I know this isn’t an Orlando exclusive but it was my first time trying it, and it was so delicious. My favorite menu item is the bang bang shrimp. Spicy but delicious. If you have one in your town or you visit Orlando and need a place to eat try out Bonefish.

Rainforest Cafe: This restaurant is in a few parks but also found in Disney Springs. It’s set up like a rainforest on the inside with animals that move and music that plays every so many minutes. If you’re looking to dine in quiet, this isn’t the place for you. It’s perfect for families and children love it. The food is also delicious which is a plus. I love their menu because they carry a variety of items like seafood, burgers and more.

T-Rex: This is also in Disney Springs and set up similar to Rainforest but dinosaurs. This dinosaur-themed café has a hands-on discovery area that the kids love and the food.


So, again this is just a tip of things to do in Orlando with your family. If you’ve visited Orlando, I would love to hear what you’ve done or your suggestions.

XO Jasmine


Trip sponsored by Visit Orlando. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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