Summer Skin Glow

I recently had the opportunity to participate in the Skincentives beauty plan by Skintastic. Skintastic with two locations in uptown and Plano is a beauty medical spa that has ranges of services such as Microdermabrasion, Laser hair removal, and a variety of cosmetic procedures. I honestly would of never thought about visiting a place like this because I always depend on my dermatologist to handle anything with my face. With my skin being so sensitive, I am really picky on what I use and what services or places I attend.

When the idea of participating in the Skincentives plan was brought to me, it was literally perfect timing. I recently experienced a breakout and this plan came at the right time. I decided to do the Microdermabrasion for my first month and it was the best decision ever. For those of you who may not know what Microdermabrasion is here you go: Microdermabrasion is a skin polishing treatment where a handheld device is used to blast fine particles of sand-like crystals are blasted against the skin. The used crystals, dirt and dead layer of skin are then vacuumed away to reveal healthy, glowing skin. This is such a simple, quick way to maintain healthy skin year round.

If you’re like me and most normal people, I literally get nervous about going to the doctors and needles, yea all of that. So going into this appointment I was pretty nervous and anything dealing with my face I have to be super careful as I stated before. Once I entered the office, that immediately changed. The office decor and vibrant colors are so welcoming and definitely puts you in a happy and calm mood. My appointment was set with the sweetest person ever, Karen. She assured me the process would be painless and I had nothing to worry about.  That was definitely the case, I could of honestly went to sleep in the chair but I ended up chatting with Karen my entire session. The best part, the breakout and dead skin from the breakout went away and my face is back and ready for this intense Texas summer weather. If you’re having or experiencing any breakouts or just want to continue to keep your skin flawless you should definitely checkout Skintastic and try some of their services. I can’t wait to continue my Skincentives plan and I will keep you all updated on everything I try and my experience.


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