Six ways to become a better blogger

Written By: Jasmine Crockett
I always see on different social platforms day by day more, and more people are putting their writing skills to use and taking a leap into the blogger world. Blogging can be a job and a little overwhelming when you’re first starting out which is where time management comes into play. I always see new bloggers or even people who have been blogging for awhile but still haven’t grasped everything commenting on bloggers pages they adore saying things like “How can I be like you?.” No there is absolutely nothing wrong with commenting on other people’s blog, it is a part of the job to network and if you’re lucky to make awesome blogger friends, but never want to be like someone else aim to be better.
Whether you are just starting out or been doing this blog thing for awhile but still not sure how to master it,  I have put together a quick guide on the basics of making your blog awesome and being a better blogger.

#1 Create original content: This is the most important rule in the “blogger rule book” (pretend there is one).  You should ALWAYS create original content. Never take anyone else content without their permission because of course, that’s plagiarism and just disrespectful. If you want to gain readers and keep them, you have to create a post that will keep your readers coming back.

#2 Be creative: Being a blogger requires at least a tad bit of creative skills. Whether you are creative with your style post or a DIY project, make it yours! Be different. Be creative. Be you!

#3 Include photos: Okay this is important. You don’t want your entire blog to be full of words no pictures. Photos catch your reader’s attention and draw them into the post to want to know more. Make sure your images are clear and crisp. Investing in a good camera or a photographer are worth it if you want top quality content. If you can’t afford an expensive high-tech camera right now, try reaching out to other new bloggers in your area to see about collaborating on a few photos. All bloggers can’t afford a photographer so there may be someone who has a camera but no one to take the pictures. This is where you can come in to lend help, and you both get things done, and you’ve gained a new blogger friend.

 #4 Time Management: Almost every social media channel has tools to help you become better managing post. For example, Twitter and Facebook allow you to schedule post/tweets for whenever you want as many days in advance as you need to. So if you’re going out of town this weekend and you know, there is a tweet you want to put out, but you won’t have a connection to a phone or anything you can schedule it before you go to post on whatever day and time you’d like. For blogs, it’s the same thing. WordPress allows you to schedule your post any day and anytime you’d like to publish. This is also a great feature if you have content creation days and want to knock out all of your blog post for the week. You can write the post, schedule them and then you’re done for the week with that side of content creation.
*Bonus Tip: Create an editorial calendar. If you have a planner that’s perfect. All you have to do is write out each day and what topics you want to cover. I try to plan my calendar by filling in the entire month on where I want certain subjects and as the month progresses fill in empty spots with other things that come along such as events or campaigns.  Having an editorial calendar also helps, so you’re not scattered trying to figure out what to write.
#5 Be consistent: Make sure you stay on track when blogging. If you want to keep your readers, you should post frequently. I’m not saying post every hour on the hour, but pick certain days/times your post will go live. You don’t want to post today and not post again until two months from now. Your hard work to gain your following can be lost quickly so stay consistent.

#6 Be Social: This is big for bloggers. Being social. Whether you’re commenting on someone’s IG picture, hosting blog interviews,  giveaways with another blogger, or just simply tweeting to hold a conversation, be social!

These six tips will have you on your way to becoming a better blogger in no time. You just have to apply yourself and go after what you want, and everything else will follow. Please if you ever have any questions or need help my email is always open, and I would love to help you.

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