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How To Organize Your Fridge For Easy Use

Have you ever opened the fridge and seen days-old take-out, condiments not utilizing the correct space, juice ring stains on the shelf. The fridge is looking like a hot mess! This is why I came up with a few guidelines on how to organize your fridge for easy use.

Eventually, you grow tired of looking at this unorganized fridge with this level of confusion, so I took some time getting real personal with the refrigerator. I picked a random Saturday, turned on my music, and channeled my “everything must go” energy.

Growing up, my mom would turn on R&B jams loud enough for everyone to hear and you knew that meant it was time to clean up. Trashing everything that’s been sitting all week. If it had a funny smell, trash. If the sell date passed. Trash. If it’s only a little bit left, depending on what it was, trash. 

5 Steps For Organizing Your Fridge For Easy Use

1. Minimalist Ways to Organize Your Fridge 

Filling every inch of your fridge can lead to forgotten foods that start to mold. If things start falling out or you’ve filled your fridge up to the point where the door won’t close then you are going to be pretty hurt when your food starts spoiling faster than the expiration date. It’s about that time to take out all the food you’ve pushed to the back to make room for new fresh foods. Don’t overfill your fridge if you don’t have to. Getting what you need keeps you from forgetting what you bought only to end up having to throw out massive amounts of food.

2. Organizing Your Fridge Shelf Life

Next, I think It’s time we start utilizing the fridge door shelf life more efficiently. Did you know that the warmest place in your fridge is the door? And since we’ve all become accustomed to putting our milk on the door to alleviate space, I think it’s beneficial to let you all know that what we are doing is speeding up the expiration date on the milk. Sounds tasty right… The best place to store your milk is in the middle row, due to its consistent temperature. It’s also beneficial to utilize the premade spaces for storing the dairy and eggs seeing as those are typically on the door depending on the type of fridge you have. 

3.Tupperware in the Fridge

Okay, you got me, I am a snacker. I can’t help it. Food is just too good to me. When I am at home I like to easily access fruits and veggies throughout the day without having to go through the initial wash-off process. This is exactly why I pulled up to my local Macy’s to pick out some cute trays, baskets, and storage containers to store my pre-washed produce. Along with utilizing the drawing space already in the fridge, I found it was easy to transfer my products from their original packaging to a Tupperware container and then place those containers in the drawer. 

4. How to Label the Fridge for

Labeling has become so much fun! Everything gets a label including the inside of the fridge itself. A great way to organize your fridge for easy use is by labeling the insides of the fridge with the content and date on which you are storing it inside. A dry eraser would do the trick! I personally enjoy this because it helps me keep track of how long food has been chilling in the fridge instead of being eaten.

5. Liner for the Fridge

The last hack that I came across that’ll help me keep my fridge organized is with refrigerator liners. I ordered a pack of refrigerator liners from Amazon. I noticed how there were no more juice rings and crumbs stuck to the bottom of the fridge. What’s so great about these liners is that they are waterproof, spill-proof, and most importantly, anti-fungal proof! You can even customize the shape of the liners to fit your fridge and they come in different colors. Another reason I would suggest these is that you can use liners to remember what goes where instead of labeling your fridge with a dry eraser.

I hope you find these five tips on how to organize your fridge for easy use, quite helpful as I did. An unorganized fridge can lead to food waste & a messy clean-up. Everything has a place and you can even add space for better storage. There are tons more bloggers out there with their way of organizing their fridge for easy use that you can check out as well!  

XO Jasmine

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