My Whole 30 Shopping Guide

My Whole 30 Shopping Guide by popular Atlanta lifestyle blogger Xo Jasmine

I’ve shared my experience with Whole 30 so far here and here, and now I am sharing with you how to shop if you want to do Whole 30. These are a few things you can do and remember when you put together your shopping guide for Whole 30. Always remember planning is key.

My Whole 30 Shopping Guide by popular Atlanta lifestyle blogger Xo Jasmine


Basic Grocery Whole 30 Shopping Tips

Now that you’ve decided to go all in with Whole 30, it’s time to get your grocery shopping done. You’re probably wondering where the heck do I start? When we first decided to do Whole 30, I knew with our busy lifestyle cooking on a whim would not work, so planning was going to be our best friend. Here are a few tips to remember when you’re shopping:

  • Make a list. Yes, I know this may be obvious, but I can’t stress how important a list for Whole 30 will be for you. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Without a plan, you can just kiss this entire thing goodbye. There are so many different things you will need for your meals, and some recipes will call for the same ingredients.
  • Start at the perimeter of the store.  A rule of thumb is always that the fresh things you’ll need will be around the perimeter of the store.
  • Purchase the Whole 30 approved condiments. To save time having to make them each week, you can just purchase the condiments you’ll need. If you shop at Whole Foods or Sprouts, they carry the condiments and other things you’ll need for your Whole 30 diet that way you don’t have to remake them each week, and it saves you time in the kitchen.[/one-half-first]

Whole 30 Shopping: How To Shop On Budget 

I think one of the things that stop a lot of people from even considering doing Whole 30 is budget. It’s probably assumed that most healthy items are expensive, but you can shop on budget.

  • Get a Costco membership. If you have a Costco membership, you can put your shopping at full speed. They have a ton of organic vegetables and meats at a great price. A few of the oils you’ll need, and also the eggs are usually on sale. You can knock out a pretty big chunk of your list by shopping here.
  • Purchase the meal prep containers. By using these meal prep containers, it helps you save on having to purchase a ton of lunch containers for lunch. You can usually only get about a few in a pack, and they are expensive. With the meal prep containers, you can get at least 40 in a package and they are washable. You can shop a variety here.
  • Add fruit to your list. Not going to lie, some of those snack bars we’ve found so far are super expensive for like a pack of 2 and not tasty. If you’re needing to snack, grab some fruit, wash it off and store in your refrigerator. Great price and delicious.


I hope these Whole 30 shopping tips help you as you begin your journey on Whole 30. If you are already doing it and have shopping tips, share below.


XO Jasmine


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