My 5 Must Have Tools To Stay Organized

When you have so many different hats to wear, you need all of the best tools to stay organized and make it happen. I’ve personally tested some different apps, like schedulers, task management systems, calendars and more and it took awhile to find what fit my day-to-day. With a ton of trial and error, I found a few that made handling my daily task a breeze. If you need tools to get organized, here are my five tools to stay organized as a blogger.

[one-half-first]Asana – I love a good pen to a paper list, but when you’re managing multiple projects and a team, you need something a little more accessible for everyone. With Asana, I can break down my days and the task needing to complete per day. I am also able to do the same for my team and assign due dates, times, set a task to repeat and so on. Asana has many different features it saves a ton of back and forth via email.[/one-half-first]

[one-half]Evernote – Evernote is my brain dump place. I have notebooks created for every project I may be working on at the time and within each notebook list all of the details for the project. Details like images, copy for a post, outlines for new ideas I want to work on, editorial calendars and more. This is my personal tool I use and some of this I share to my Google Drive to share with my team or clients. [/one-half]


[one-half-first]Google Sheets –  Speaking of Google, I swear by the drive and my sheets. I keep all my blog stuff on a Google sheet, stuff such as my editorial calendar for each month, collaborations I have completed or have coming up, Contracts, and more.  With Google Sheets, I can access everything on the go. If I start something on my computer, I can later pull the document up on my iPad or phone. [/one-half-first]

[one-half]Dropbox –  Dropbox is where I house all of my images. I can access them anytime without having to have a million images stored on my computer. I also have a few other files here for backup from my Google Drive because you can never have too many backups.[/one-half]


PostVu – This tool takes away the dilemma of what to post today. I usually shoot all of my blog photos in advance so I can have all of the content completed before I need it. That’s where my editorial calendar comes in. For example, with Thanksgiving being next week and if I wanted to do a post on outfits to wear to Thanksgiving dinner, those images would already be shot and edited and in my Dropbox ready for use. From the Dropbox, I can pull images from my photo album to send to PostVu and arrange them how I think my feed should look. Now, I am not overly obsessed with my feed looking a certain way because I love to live in the moment so if there’s something I snap quick on my phone and want to share, I hit share. But, with PostVu it does give you a sense of what everything will look like or if you’ve posted an outfit six times in a row using different poses.

What tools do you like to use to stay organized for your business?

XO Jasmine

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