Mom’s Summer Guide To Keeping Toddlers Busy

As a working mom to a busy toddlers, finding time to get my work completed and keep him on the go can be a juggling act. If there was ever a great time for a mom’s guide, it’s during the summer break months.

I like to start my day dressed in a casual outfit and especially my go-to casual sneakers like these from Famous Footwear because I never know what the day may bring. From neighborhood walks to exploring our local park or playing with street chalk, I have to be comfortable to keep up with him and still relaxed enough to answer a few emails. I also can normally grab him a cute pair too while I’m there.

Times are definitely different right now and we’re all at home trying to come up with new greats ideas to keep the little ones entertained through the summer months so I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite things to do with my little one right from our home.

Swim Day.

This is his absolute favorite and I’m thankful we have access to a pool for him because he loves the water. He can literally spend such a long time in the water. Days when we aren’t going to the pool, I have a ton of water activities he can do right in our backyard which is perfect for him to have independent time in an environment he is comfortable in.

Street Chalk.

I actually bought a chalk set that was only $10 and it had stencils and all types of art you can trace for a fun day of art activities. Typically we try to limit screen time and this is a great activity for him to let his creative side out.


This may sound like a ton of work but we turn it into a mini science project planting different fruits and vegetables so he can understand the process and fully participate in the activity. He loves to see how they grow day by day. Plus, if we do really good we can add the fruits and veggies to our dinner or snacks. This is the perfect way to bring his work full circle and celebrate him for helping to nourish the family.

Turn Your Home into a Camp.

Try doing themed camp each week to not only keep your children entertained but to also give them structure so that when school/daycare rolls back around they aren’t super out of whack. It’s also great because I can join in too, and take a break from working from home.

Quality Time Together in the Kitchen.

I plan to utilize this list of 100 simple ways to involve kids in the kitchen by age. Everyone will be included, entertained, learn new skills, and I’ll get help in the kitchen. I was super surprised how the list have tips for a range of kids ages so we can grow with the tips. Win-win! You can also check out a few kid friendly recipes I tried here.

Movie Day or Night.

Some times kids don’t feel like being active. Even though it can be easy to forget our toddlers are little humans with their own feelings and emotions, we try our best to listen to KJ’s needs and adjust when he’s not up for a lot of interaction. Some days we skip all play time and watch some of his favorite movies and tv shows.

Create a Sensory Bin.

With a few simple steps, you can have a perfect sensory bin for little hands to dig into! Let me remind you that sensory bins do not have to be fancy, Pinterest-worthy creations. The oohs and ahhs from your child will be plenty! The point is to spend quality time with you toddlers while also fostering their growth and development.

Build a Fort.

Take a second to remember when you were younger with your siblings, friends, or cousins and how you could spend hoursssss building forts, playing hot lava or any other made up game. We were always entertained and one of my favorite kids activities from when I was a child. It was so great because I could easily play independently or with a large group of older kids and friends. Don’t you want your toddlers to experience the same? If so, break out all the guest bedroom sheets, pillows, dining room chairs, and get to building.

Create a Treasure Hunt.

Hide something like a coin or a sticker somewhere in the house. Give your kids a clue, and let them run wild trying to find it. If you make it a bit tricky to find, you’ll build up their resilience—and their ability to find things without begging for your help. It also keeps the kids busy while learning to think outside the box. Also, this activity serves as a great laugh from an adult perspective watching them check the most random places.

Give them chores.

This isn’t a popular option, but can be good for them. If you’re going to clean the kitchen, have your children clean their rooms. Not only will you get time to actually do your job, but your kids will learn that they have a role in keeping the house clean, too. While we’re all technically stay at home moms and dad right now the more help we can get the better.

What have been some of your go-to summer activities to keep your toddlers busy? I’m always looking for new ways to keep KJ entertained and my peace of mind in tact.

Staying home while working and keeping toddlers busy can get a bit tiresome but there are so many things you can do to keep your little ones entertained. When you’re shopping this season for new shoes, remember comfort is key when it comes to juggling the many daily aspects of a mom and I’m so happy Famous Footwear always has the best styles when I need comfort in my wardrobe.

XO Jasmine

Thank you to Famous Footwear for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

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