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Make Last-Minute Errands Easier With Walgreens

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As a busy mom, I can’t pretend that I have every day completely scheduled out and my to-do list is always completed. I have my days when things happen at the last minute that steers me completely off the path for the day and that’s okay. Every Sunday, we try to plan out our grocery list and any errands we may need to complete for the week. Making a list is always a win but what happens when you have those last-minute errands that pop up on your radar. Brands and technology have improved so much over the last few years that those dreaded last-minute errands barely require much these days. But, if you’re still freaking out about having to complete last-minute errands, here is how Walgreens can help make it all easy.

Make Last-Minute Errands Easier With Walgreens

Shop with Walgreens online or using their app

Walgreens is a quick stop for us when it comes to grabbing items, we need off our errand list quickly and efficiently. With Walgreens, it’s as easy as using their app to select what we need from a variety of categories such as household items to groceries and even personal care.

Opt for curbside pickup

You can put together your list of items and up as quickly as 30 minutes. So instead of having to go inside and shop, you can grab whatever items you need and pick curbside for your service. Easy and convenient without having to leave your car.

From household essentials to beauty and personal care, don’t panic when you need to make a last-minute trip to the store now that you can now get those must-haves quickly with the convenience of Same Day Pickup/Buy Online Pickup. Also, from January 3rd to 30th, Walgreens is offering an extra 25% off Pickup Orders of $40+ with code WELLNESS25.

Shop Our Quick Walgreen Must-Haves

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