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5 Summer Lipsticks We’re Loving

It’s time to pucker up and break out your lipsticks, ladies. I’ve always had a passion for lipstick. Whenever I put on a new shade, I feel like a new woman. You could say lipstick is like my superhero cape, when I wear it, I feel invincible and powerful. I get that “no one can tell me nothing” kind of vibe. When the pandemic hit, our lipstick lovers like me went into serious withdrawal mode, and the lipstick sales started drastically declining within the beauty industry. It almost got to a point where I seriously considered putting lipstick on top of my mask. I know what you’re thinking, hashtag clown. Now that things are slowly getting back to some sort of normal, lipstick sales all over have increased by more than 80%, according to CNN. Businesses are making their money, and lipstick lovers are strutting their lips again in the streets. Usually, when summer starts, I like to go for bright reds and neutral tone colors. Here is a small list of lipstick colors that I’m excited to wear again.


  •  Current Favorite Color: Zip (Generation G) 
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Zip is a lipstick that is bright, flirty, and fun.  The color itself looks like burnt orange with a splash of red as an undertone. This lipstick in particular is meant to adjust to your natural lip color, giving off major outdoor chill summer vibes. If you were to wear this I’d for sure go with an all-natural look, with light mascara. Let this lipstick shine on its own. 


Playing Koi is vibrant, loud, and bold. The color is bright pink with a subtle mixture of orange. Most Mac lipsticks are hydrating, lightweight, and long-lasting. (Which is great for those long summer days) I would definitely pair this lip with a fierce cat-eye.  


Melon Punch is the kind of lipstick that will have people drawn directly to your lips. It’s subtle yet still gives you that flare of color that you want. It also has almost a glossy feel to it as well. With this lipstick, I’d go for a light shimmer on the eyes to give your eyes that glistening effect. That way the focus won’t be taken away from the lips. 

Yves Saint Laurent 

  • Current Favorite Color: 70 Le Nu – Basic Nude 
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Yves Saint Laurent is everything. It’s nude so if you are looking for something extra natural, this shade is the perfect one for you. I pair this with almost every outfit that I wear in the summer. I usually wear this lipstick during the day but if you want to wear this lipstick after hours, I suggest doing a Smokey eye to pair it with. 


In my opinion, I saved the best for last. American Doll has got to be one of my favorite lipsticks ever. This lipstick is matte, so it lasts throughout the day. If you are afraid that matte will dry out your lips, apply one layer of lip balm before putting this lipstick on. I wear this color throughout the year and I still never get tired of it. If you are looking for a sexy yet elegant look, this red will do your lips justice. If I were you, I’d throw on some fake lashes with this lip and hit the town.

These specific colors will surely help any outfit that you wear to come to life. Live, Laugh, and put on that beautiful shade you love! 

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