The Lash Lounge Review – A Full-Set Lash Extension

My eyelashes, for the most part, are pretty decent. There are days when they seem pretty non-existent but with a good mascara, anything can happen. I have been doing product testing on different mascara and still haven’t found one that doesn’t burn my eye when it accidentally gets on my eyeball. That is the most painful and irritating thing ever. I, of course, could be less clumsy but still, if I rub my eye or accidentally touch my eye with the wand I would rather not feel like my eye is going to fall out. If you know of any great mascaras, let me know!  Until then, the best option that I am absolutely hooked on, eyelash extensions. The Lash Lounge Sandy Springs recently opened here in Atlanta and they reached out with an invitation to try their service. I’ve only tried lash extensions once with another company and the experience was okay. They didn’t last as long as I thought and that could have been on my behalf. Let’s also not forget the maintenance cost to keep them up. So, again when The Lash Lounge Sandy Springs reached out I definitely thought it would be a good time to try it again.

A little background on The Lash Lounge. This concept was created by Anna Phillips who is the CEO of the company. She was licensed in massage, esthetics, permanent makeup, medical skin care not long before she came across the new service of semi-permanent eyelash extensions in early 2004. Fast forward to years later and she now has expanded an idea to a chain of franchises around the United States. The Lash Lounge I visited is owned by Cathy who actually is on-site in her business and making sure all of her customers receive an amazing experience. I personally haven’t seen many owners inside their business making sure their customers are taken care of so seeing her in the location was definitely a great sign that they actually care about customer service and experience.

When I arrived, first let me say the space is beautiful. The hues of purple and gray everywhere are the perfect choices for the space. I was greeted by the receptionist who was welcoming and offered me a beverage while I waited for my stylist. I was assigned stylist Sharisse who was super helpful and knowledgeable about not only the product/company but every question I asked to make the best decision on what lash style suited me best. If you’ve never had lash extensions before, they can take up to 2 hours to complete and is definitely a great time for a nap. Being a new mommy, I nap whenever I can, and the soothing music and atmosphere made this so easy. Sharisse made sure I was comfortable and even offered me a blanket! Let’s just say I was out. When I woke up, she handed me the mirror and I was in love! She did such an amazing job achieving the look I desired and the instructions to care for the lashes once I got home was clear and helpful. Did I schedule my refill follow-up? I sure did and decided to go every two weeks to keep them always looking fresh and full. Does this add on the cost I mentioned above about maintaining lashes? Yes, it does. BUT, The Lash Lounge offers an affordable monthly plan where you can get refills done for $99/a month. It sounds like a lot but with me receiving Mink lashes each time I get a refill would be $75. I am able to get the two refills a month that I already planned for less and save cash. I love a good deal and this makes total sense.

So, enough of me telling you about my experience. Check out the video below to see the space and the amazing end result for my lashes!! You’re going to love it. Before you jump down to the video, The Lash Lounge Sandy Springs has agreed to offer one of my readers their very own set of lashes for FREE! To enter, complete the requirements below. The giveaway will run from today August 18th to next Friday, August 25th. Good luck!!



xo, Jasmine


Although I was compensated by The Lash Lounge Sandy Springs for this review, all opinions are my own.

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