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Labor & Delivery: What I Packed In My Hospital Bag

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since we welcomed our beautiful baby girl to our family. I swear it feels like yesterday when we were at the hospital waiting for her arrival. Each week as we got closer to full term, the Braxton hicks contractions were stronger and stronger, and Marcus kept reminding me every day to pack my hospital bag. I have no idea why I was waiting, being honest because I’m usually a planner. I think it was more so another thing to do on my list and just being exhausted.

When I actually got the energy to work on my bag, I decided to create a checklist of things I knew I needed. When you research on the web what to pack in your hospital bag, the list can be extremely exhausting. I decided to consider my last Labor and Delivery experience and items that I know I could do without until I got back home. Having the energy to move yourself around along with a new baby is already enough, so it’s best not to have an extreme amount of items that you really don’t need.

So to help any over packers, here is a checklist of must-have items for what I packed in my hospital bag for labor & delivery.

Fawn Design Weekender Bag

A good quality bag to hold all of you and baby items is important. I made the mistake with KJ having a bag for him and a bag for me and you honestly don’t need all of that. One nice size bag will do the trick because the less you have to deal with as a mom, the better since you’ll be occupied with a million other things. I love this bag because it’s extremely spacious to hold all of your hospital must-haves.

Long-Sleeve Pajamas

Being able to put on my own pjs after a hot shower when we were done with everything felt amazing. Every hospital is different and I’ve seen people have their own labor and delivery gowns and more but I opted for the regular hospital gown for delivery and used my own pajamas from Doe by Fawn after. These pjs are extremely comfortable which is a must after having a baby.

Nursing Bras

Again, comfort is key so a good nursing bra is a must. My entire body was sore so providing relief to my breast area with a good quality bra to also make nursing an ease was so important.

Frida Mom Disposable Postpartum Underwear

All hospitals vary on what they offer post-baby but my hospital was pretty good at offering so many items that I knew from our first baby I didn’t have to overpack on certain things. One item that they do provide is disposable underwear but with a c-section, I felt they didn’t hold me in or provide the comfort. I purchased this disposable underwear from Frida Mom before I even knew I was having a c-section and they still worked perfectly for me providing the fit and comfort I needed. These are definitely a must whether your labor & delivery place offers underwear or not.

Here’s a freebie hospital bag checklist that can be printed or used digitally.

XO Jasmine

Photography: Hannah Lozano

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