Nordstrom anniversary sale 2021

Inside Scoop on the 2021 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, hubby, the little ones or even getting a super head start on Christmas shopping, everything you need (and more) is available at the 2021 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Since I get the inside scoop on all things sale-related, it’s only right if I bring you guys up to speed too! Keep scrolling for everything to know from dates, exclusive shopping days, what’s being offered, etc.

When is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

This year, the sale will occur from July 28th to August 8th, but if you’re a cardmember depending on the status you get early access starting the first day of the sale July 6th! The card has its perks I must say. If waiting isn’t really your style, Nordstrom secretly dropped some major deals to their sale section, including 40 percent off this super cute summer top, up to 60% off these wedge sandals (yes, you read that correctly – 60%), and $78+ off the perfect Madewell jeans!

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for these important days

July 6 – Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview Begins
July 12 – Icon Early Access
July 14 – Ambassador Early Access
July 16 – Influencer Early Access
July 28 – Sale Opens to Public
August 8 – The Anniversary Sale is over

How can you preview the sale?

Shopping smart is the key to getting all the good deals. Nordstrom is giving everyone the ability to preview all sale items even earlier—starting July 6. This way, you have plenty of time to save your favorites to your Wish List so you can check out faster when it’s time to shop. 

I typically like to make sure I have my card number on hand too for increased speed during checkout – you never know how many people are searching for the exact item you want. May the odds be in your favor!

Here are a few extra tips for shopping the sale:

Tips for shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary sale: 
1. Have your Nordstrom card ready
2. Know your Nordy Club status
3. Mark your calendars.

My Top Sections to Shop

Home Decor

Although we’re months away from the holiday season. I like to find items that I can use to decorate my home for the holidays. There’s so many great deals it just makes sense to think through what we’ll need both immediately and a few months in the future.


Skincare is always in season. Since it can get pretty pricy when you add your moisturizers, vitamin C serums, eye creams, masks and everything else. Now is the time to really stock up on your every day essentials to last you until the next sale!


If you guys have even glimpse at my custom closet, you know shoes are my thing! There aren’t enough shoes to make it through the year so I make sure to stock up every year on cute pumps, wedges, mules and everything in between to try to close the gap.

Marcus doesn’t always agree so I throw a pair or two in for him too, *wink wink*.

Family Clothes Section

If you’re a mama, you know how quickly the little ones can grow out of their clothing. The Nordstrom sale allows us to get great deals and stock up on items for all seasons for both KJ and Brooklyn.

Make sure you note the sale dates so you don’t miss out on the amazing sale opportunities happening for not only fall pieces but even great gift ideas for the holiday.

XO Jasmine

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