How Working Moms Can Delegate More in Their Daily Life

Written By: Jasmine Crockett

One of the best ways for working moms to have a more balanced professional and personal life is learning how to delegate. Delegating tasks can give you more time to take care of more responsibilities in a shorter amount of time and less mental stress. But it’s easy to wish that other people would help you. You need real solutions to make delegation happen.

Being a working mom is much like juggling, and it can be very stressful juggling multiple essential things all the time, that is running through your mind. Also, your stress levels increase with every additional task that you decide to juggle. The chances of you dropping something also increases with every addition, which is something that no working mom wants when juggling family responsibilities, work tasks, and social relationships. While you may say to yourself many times that it’s just more comfortable for you to do a particular job, consider if that task has to be done by you. Delegating is a great way to reduce the chance of dropping a task. Of course, there is a risk in the delegation, and while your responsibility that you decided to delegate may not be done precisely the way you would have wanted it, the important thing is that it is done. Without delegation, sooner or later, your body will give out, and you will have to drop something.

You can delegate in your personal life by asking your spouse to help out more or ask your children to do more chores. If you don’t have enough time or energy to do all of the responsibilities at home after a long day at work, delegate some of your duties to your spouse. Whether it’s just making dinner for a week or taking the kids to school in the morning, so you have a couple of extra minutes to sleep in, it will make a huge difference and can allow you to be a better mother and employee. It can be hard asking someone for help, even from your spouse, but delegation will only lead to you being a happier and healthier person. You can also give your kids chores to help out around the house. Even your kids can help you delegate as working moms, even in something as simple as picking up toys. Chores can teach your kids responsibility and can help you by giving you one less thing to worry about.

Delegating in your work is essential too. Of course, every situation and job is different, but if your workload needs to be split between two people or it is more effective and efficient for one of your coworkers to help on one of your tasks, delegate those to other people, giving you more time to be the best at your jobs. Delegation only allows your entire team to progress, producing the best product in a shorter amount of time.

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