How To Shut Off The Noise & Make Your Dreams Happen

Written By: Jasmine Crockett

How often do you think of an idea or goal you’d like to achieve and you immediately think of a million ways you can’t make it happen? You don’t have enough time, you’re low on funds, you are so tired and not able to give an extra hour or two to make the dreams happen. Those are a few of the million excuses we pull out of this invisible excuse bucket to talk ourselves out of something. I know in life we’re always thinking of why we shouldn’t let others talk us out of making our dreams happen but 9 times out of 10 the main person talking you out of your dream is you.

I’ve been blogging for six years and I’d be lying if I said each year has been easy but I never gave up. I’ve faced so many obstacles that all gave me a reason that I thought at the time were reasons to stop but I’m so glad I kept going. You never want to think years later, what if? The time is now to shut off the noise from all of the negative thoughts in your head and outside voices.

Do you want to start a business? Do it. Do you want a podcast? Your mom can be the only listener for months but you have to start somewhere. Your business requiring more hours than you thought and you’re getting mommy guilt? Imagine 5 years from now how successful your business will be and the sacrifices you made for your little one.  If you’re still not sure how to cut the noise and make your dreams happen, keep scrolling for a few tips below.

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cut the noise

The noise is just that, noise. When you’re tired of a song on the radio, you turn it off. Do the same thing with the negative thoughts and you’ll see such a difference in your day to day. You should let the negativity motivate you to make it all happen. I always find journaling my thoughts help release anything that I have going on and reading it back almost always sounds ridiculous.

build a plan

A plan sounds like a lot of work but if you have everything you need to do written out, you won’t steer off course of your end goal. Although plans can sometimes change, at least you’ll have a guide to take you successfully to achieving what it is you need to do.

set a deadline

There’s nothing like having a date marked on your calendar to hold you accountable for something. I’ve had two project ideas for a couple of months and I honestly just got serious about both once I put a launch date on my calendar and said to myself this is the date and it’s not changing. So, whatever thoughts I had about it not being able to happen or needing a million things to make it work are out of the window. I’m going all in because of this date.

It’s always easier said than done when it’s time to take action and make our dreams happen but today’s the day you actually put action to the words. The not yet, or what ifs end now and with the three tips I’ve shared above should take you on your way of avoiding the noise and getting started.

XO Jasmine

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