How To Choose The Perfect Childcare

Written By: Jasmine Crockett

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of GEEARS: Georgia Early Education Alliance for Ready Students. However, all thoughts are my own

I will never forget when we started the conversation of putting our little one into childcare. We all want to keep our babies with us at all times but in reality, that can’t happen. Our main concern was to start him at a good age where he could build people skills and get used to being around other children his age. We also wanted to get a good start on him learning things we may not be up to date on being taught to children his age.  

The list goes on with checkboxes we wanted to mark off before picking a child care program. There are so many other things I’ve learned along the way that I wish I had known in the beginning process. Thanks to I want to share a few things I’ve learned to help you find the right childcare for you and your child’s needs.

Quality Rated’s free search tool makes it easy to organize child care options by price, distance, services offered, and a Quality Rated star-rating. The tool helps you easily access each child care program’s safety and inspection reports, opening hours, prices, teacher credentials, and more. When using Quality Rated and searching for childcare services, keep the below tips/questions in mind.

Is the childcare facility licensed?

You’d be surprised by how many daycares are running under the radar and not licensed. Licensed child care facilities follow state licensing rules to ensure children are in a safe and healthy environment. With Quality Rated, you’re able to research if a childcare facility is licensed and check out their licensing report.

Commute & Budget

Would you rather the daycare center be close to your work or home? This can be a tough one especially with traffic in Atlanta. Maybe your spouse works close to home but you work further from home and you’d rather have the daycare in the middle.  You also have to add to the budget. Does the daycare closer to home fit in your budget? When using the Quality Rated tool, you can narrow the search for child care in Georgia based on location and budget.

Part-time or Full-Time Program

This was really important for us because our son doesn’t need to go every day but we’d like to know the option is there just in case. When researching child care services, it’s important to know what type of program you’ll need and if any of the centers you’re researching offers the program.

Quality child care can have its effects on a child’s health, development, and education. This is why it’s one of the most important decisions you can make for your child’s future. When you find programs on Quality Rated, you know those facilities are committed to making sure they have the best for the children that attend the selected child programs and give parents the ease of knowing they are selecting high-quality child care services.

Have you heard of Quality Rated? Check it out to see if your child’s child care center is listed and use this checklist to ensure you select the perfect child care services.

xo, Jasmine

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