At-home Metabolism Test with Everlywell

at-home Metabolism Test - At-home Metabolism Test with Everlywell by popular Atlanta lifestyle blogger Xo Jasmine
Written By: Jasmine Crockett

Millions of Americans struggle with weight management issues and little energy and taking a metabolism test screens the hormones that can influence your metabolism, giving you an in overall depth view of your body’s metabolic functionality. Your metabolism affects many aspects of your health and well being, including appetite, weight, energy, muscle-building, body fat, and temperature sensation, such as feeling hot or cold. Metabolism is influenced by a combination of environmental, physiological, and genetic factors. With the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, although the food choices are important, you have to make sure your insides are clean as well. So when EverlyWell reached out to try one of their metabolism test I immediately jumped on the opportunity. EverlyWell allows you to take home health test in the comfort of your own home. You have the authority to order your lab tests and view the results securely on any device. 

With the speed that technology is moving these days, this doesn’t surprise me that I no longer need to make the drive to the doctor to check things such as cholesterol or metabolism. I’m all about convenience so I had to see if this was a convenience or it was still worth the drive to go to the doctor.  I opted to take the metabolism test with Everlywell and received my kit in about five days from ordering. The metabolism test will check hormones that can influence your metabolism and affect weight gain and energy.

At-home Metabolism Test with Everlywell by popular Atlanta lifestyle blogger Xo Jasmine At-home Metabolism Test with Everlywell by popular Atlanta lifestyle blogger Xo Jasmine

To rewind, they offer tests such as metabolism, breast milk DHA test, vitamin d testing and more. You can find all the test they offer here.  As I mentioned earlier, the test kit is shipped directly to you! No need to go to multiple appointments typically required by traditional labs. No copays, no time off work, no labs. Sounds too good to be true but it is true. There are no strings attached, and it is just as simple of a process as you imagine. When I received my test, I followed the instructions which were super easy and straightforward. Labeled everything correctly and placed my information in the pre-paid postage that was sent with the package and dropped it in the mail. So to catch you up to speed in case you got lost. Quick and easy sample collection – only a few drops of blood and a small amount of saliva were needed. I put the required collection in the appropriately labeled packaging it should go in, sealed, and dropped in the mail. I didn’t have to get dressed up, throw on makeup, or drive across town to the doctor. Super simple right?


So exactly where is your test sent? The test is sent to certified partner labs. Is a 10-year-old really behind my results and examining my test? Nope! Your results are independently validated by a physician in your state to ensure validity and reliability.  Below is the dashboard you receive once your results are uploaded into the system. It takes five days to receive your results from the day you ship the collection kit back.

EverlyWell Metabolism test - At-home Metabolism Test with Everlywell by popular Atlanta lifestyle blogger Xo Jasmine


With your results, EveryWell also includes super helpful things to help you get on top of what you need. For example, with the Metabolism testing, one great tip is to eat breakfast. Easier said than done. When you’re moving a million miles per hour, and now I have a small human also to make sure they have everything they need, you tend to forget breakfast and just snack throughout the day until lunch.

At-home Metabolism Test with Everlywell by popular Atlanta lifestyle blogger Xo Jasmine


Just like the rest of the world, convenience always wins, and EverlyWell is a win in my book. So, if you’re looking to get on top of your health and improve in certain areas. Check out EverlyWell to see if they have a test for you.


xo, Jasmine


Although this post is sponsored by EverlyWell, all opinions and thoughts are my own.  

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