Fall At-Home Date Night Ideas

Date nights can be hard to come by with everyone staying at home.  When you add in kids, it’s even harder to get real “alone time.” With this being our new normal, we have to get creative on date night at home ideas, so it’s not just kids and work 24/7. I love that my husband is just as creative as I am when it comes to a good night, and we pretty much like almost all of the same things, so we come up with great ideas pretty frequently that we know the other person will like as well. If you’re short on what to do for an at-home date night, here are 4 ideas you can use.  

Movie Night

A good movie night is always a win! We set up a time when our little one is gone to bed, and we put a ton of movies we love and new ones we haven’t seen into a bucket and pull from this group on what we’ll watch. With a yummy dessert and/or popcorn and a good blanket and we’re cuddled into the night watching a good movie and enjoying each other’s company.

Cook Dinner Together

When you don’t have the timing to really make sure the little ones are in bed without you also being tired, you can have a quick and easy date night by spending some time in the kitchen. Depending on your kids’ age, they may require your full attention, or they can also join along with bits and pieces of the dinner to help as well. Yes, it’s now a family thing, but you and your hubby are still spending much needed time together.

Create A Date Night Jar

Running out of ideas to do for date night at home? Create a date night jar. I originally saw this idea on Pinterest and modified it to our likes and things we want to do. Grab an empty mason jar and popsicle sticks and on the sticks, list out one idea on each that you’d love to do for a date night at home. These can be ideas like movie night, game night, puzzles, cook dinner or dessert, and more. Put them all in the jar, and you can pull from the jar one idea when you need something for date night.

Try Something New

Is there something you guys have wanted to try out that you’ve never done before? A puzzle, trying out each other’s hobbies, whatever it is, spending that 101 to both learn and put your all into something together can open up deeper conversations and just a fun time trying to discover something new together.

These are just a few, but there are so many awesome things you can do for a date night at home this season, and I hope these tips help you get your creative juices flowing.

XO Jasmine

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