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Dear Jasmine,

I was approached to be a guest blogger on someone’s blog who blogs about entirely different topics than me. I also want to accept guest post on my blog. Do you think either is beneficial?




Dear Nicole,

Guest blogging is honestly only beneficial if number one the person you’re guest blogging for has a similar audience and blogs about similar topics as you and two if they have a good blog following. You may get a request from bloggers just starting out who have in their plans to only feature bloggers who have a bigger following to drive traffic to their site. With a request like this, you have to think if it’s beneficial both ways. If you have 10,000 readers per month and they have 100, they will benefit more from the guest post than you. If you’re okay with just sharing your words and leaving your mark throughout the internet than go for it. But if you’re honestly looking to drive traffic and gain anything from it then you want to partner with a site that can allow this. Also, the same goes for a guest post on your blog. You don’t want it to be an everyday thing then your readers will never know your voice. You also want to make sure whoever you allow to guest post writes about similar content that you already feature on your site and that the partnership makes sense.

Hope this helps!

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