Blogging 101: Getting Started

Blogging 101: Getting Started

Are you looking to jump into the blogging world? Well it’s not just setting your domain and finding a cute theme and you’re done. Oh no, it requires work. Especially if you’re looking to make blogging turn from a hobby to a career. I’ve put together a few tips to get you started in your blogging journey and to kickstart your success.

Define your objectives. Whether they are business objectives, personal goals, or just for fun. It is important to understand and even define your goals for blogging.

Audience first. While I do find writing to be therapeutic, I write to share information, add some value, and present my point of view with my audience.

Titles are more important than you think. Using keywords helps. Top 10, Tips To and How to’s are all good titles to start with and …can work. Great titles help with SEO and people to find your blog which of course generates more readers which is always a win!

Break it up. Lists make for easy reading. Whether they are numbered lists or bullet points. And photos or charts help to make an article easy to read and maybe more importantly, easy to scan.

Watch your length. Try to stay within 300-700 words. Anything to much longer could put your readers to sleep. Unless, it’s an important topic and a really good story by all means share away but try not to do that on every post.

Respond to comments. I try to respond to every comment whether it be social media or here on the blog. I look at it ff people have taken the time to read the post and make a comment, then you should make time to respond. Be kind.

Promote your blog. You’re not writing all of this good content for no one to see. If that’s the case grab a journal and keep it all locked up there. You’re writing this blog for everyone, everywhere to see. I try to make it a goal to share each post 2-4 times across my various channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. The more you share, the more people who see it and possibly share with their friends as well.

See what works. Last but not least, use analytics and reporting to see what articles drive organic (SEO) traffic and what articles don’t catch the attention you were hoping for. Some articles generate lots of comments and views and some don’t. You really have to play around with your topics to see what your readers are interested in and when you find it, stick with it. You can also create a reader survey to se what your readers want to see more or less of.

Have fun. Blogging should be a fun experience. Never get into blogging for the wrong reasons like seeing a fast payout or popularity because newsflash, you won’t be successful that way. You’ll burnout so quick that everything you did to start won’t even matter. So make sure you’re writing about what you love and it’ll work out.

Good luck!

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  • Fantastic blogging tips!! Challenging myself to improve and learn new skills for my website and social media is what I find to be the most rewarding and FUN!!

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