Blog Talk 101: WordPress vs. Squarespace

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I’ve been blogging for six years and have tried multiple platforms before landing on WordPress. Throughout the years each platform played a significant part in where I was currently in the stage of my blogging career. The top two blogging platforms are Squarespace and WordPress and depending on your blog, or business needs each platform has its pros and cons. If you’re starting as a blogger, you want to spend your funds on services that will show a return. Self-hosted WordPress sites are the industry standard for blogging. Squarespace is an up-and-comer in this space, and I’ve seen some bloggers make the switch depending on their overall brand goal. So that leaves the question that many people ask, “Which is better: WordPress or Squarespace?” Here is my quick overview of the two platforms.


WordPress is my favorite, and it’s the best in my opinion for bloggers. Most people tell me all the time the one thing that stops them from getting started is the website. I know for sure it can be intimidating trying to build your site but do your research.


  • You own all of your content. Unlike all of the time, we invest in social media; your website is here to stay.
  • Ready-made design templates so you can launch your site professionally with ease.
  • SEO made easy. SEO makes or breaks your site and having WordPress makes finding and validating your place on the web ten times easier. Plugins like Yoast SEO can help you get on top of your SEO strategy quick and get your site noticed by new readers and brands searching for bloggers easier
  • Functionality. If you want to launch a shop or create a membership platform, you can. Your WordPress site can turn into whatever you want it to


  • WordPress can be expensive. To keep your website maintained is an additional cost but one that’s worth it to build your brand. You have to pay for things like hosting, support, security, storage, backup, domains and more.
  • Your site can crash. This is where having good hosting support comes in handy. You can contact them to get in the backend of your site to see where the issue is coming from and fix it.
  • Coding knowledge is required. You don’t have to be a coding expert, but there are some areas of your site you may need to implement a code for a campaign or coding errors that you can fix on your own in a second without paying someone thousands.



I personally see Squarespace being used as a personal portfolio style of the site and not blogging. Yes, you can use Squarespace to blog but you’re limited when you compare it to WordPress. Squarespace does win the award in my books as being easier to navigate and use especially if you’re not familiar with coding and designing sites.


  • Squarespace has a set of templates you can choose from when you’re creating your site, and it automatically imports. No coding needed unless you are trying to get advanced features added to your site. I think having these templates ready to go gives new users the ease of knowing they can launch a beautiful site without the stress of having to pay a designer.
  • Pricing. Unlike WordPress, as I mentioned above the pre-designed templates you can use for your site are free.
  • Everything is included – hosting, domain, email are all included depending on your plan.
  • SEO is super easy to implement, and no plugins are needed.


  • The interface isn’t set up for bloggers in mind. The space to write your content is pretty small compared to the specific backend offered by WordPress.
  • You can get a custom theme to have your site layout turn into a blog, but it can get pretty pricey fast
  • Not complete control. If Squarespace decides one day to remove your site they can. Just like with social media you don’t 100% own your content on Squarespace. Yes, your site can go down on WordPress, but if this happens, you still have the option to download and keep your content to move to a new hosting company like nothing ever happened.


So, with a few pros and cons listed for both WordPress and Squarespace, you ultimately have to look at what makes the most sense for where you’re trying to take your site/brand. Are you able to afford a designer and completely customize your website or is using a free template on Squarespace worth it until you can pay for your own? How much do you care about controlling your content? Do you have time to keep up with site maintenance on WordPress or would you rather not devote time to that right now? A ton of things to think about for both platforms but ultimately your site is all about what you make it. If you give your all, promote your website and create great content, everything else will fall into place.


xo, Jasmine

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