5 Outdoor Summer Date Night Ideas

Summertime is perfect for cute date nights with the hubby. So, ditch the Netflix and chill vibe and, instead, enjoy the warm, sunny days of summer with the sun beaming down on your skin and breathing in the fresh air.

And summer nights can be just as magical — holding hands with bae and looking up at the stars and suddenly witnessing a shooting star.

Although COVID has been a drag this year and your dating skills may be a bit rusty, dusty, and crusty, here are 5 cute outdoor summer date night ideas for you and bae to experience around the Atlanta metro area or even around your hometown.


This date idea is super cute, but don’t be afraid to get creative and put your own spin on the idea. Tell bae that you want to go for a spontaneous drive. Pack the essentials, blanket, candles, your favorite snacks or food, and some kind of card game or game, in general, to play together. Drive to a nearby park or lake.

Georgia has hundreds of public parks, and many lakes, like those at Lake Lanier or Stone Mountain, are also public. Nothing screams romance quite like being near the water on a hot summer day. You two can enjoy the peaceful sounds of the water flowing and the calming sounds of nature. You can also enjoy a romantic picnic at the park – no water needed. Picture bae feeding you grapes as you snuggle on a blanket, and sip your favorite wine.

Food Truck Vendors

This date is going to require a little research. Atlanta is known for its amazing food vendors and the choices of food that they offer are endless. So, if you and bae are craving a little late-night snack, or just hungry for some dinner, drive down to Atlanta and pick out a food truck. (Atlanta Food Truck Park & Market is a great place to go too along with a few other of my top Atlanta food trucks.) 

Usually, the prices are really affordable with food trucks as well, which is always a bonus. After you get your food, instead of driving home, park the car, crank up your music and enjoy.

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Some native Atlantans don’t realize that we have acres of lush, beautiful gardens right in the heart of Atlanta at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Whether enjoying one of its summertime concerts or simply strolling through the acres of perfectly groomed gardens, this is a favorite destination for couples looking for a romantic afternoon or evening. The breathtaking scenery provides a perfect romantic backdrop for you and your bae to enjoy a nice stroll and great conversation. 10/10 recommend checking this out if you have the opportunity too.

Rooftop Bar

Why live in the city if you don’t experience the fantastic nighttime views? This date can either be classy (heels, makeup, the works), or you can keep it flirty and casual. Regardless, you and bae will have an amazing time sitting at a small secluded table, enjoying your favorite drink, listening to music, and of course, people watching.

Bonus points if the rooftop bar has a dance floor, that way you and bae can have a spicy or intimate dance together. Atlanta has plenty of wonderful rooftop bars with stunning views of the city.


If you are looking for a little competitive fun time, Topgolf is the place to go. Not only is this establishment outside, but it offers great food, signature cocktails, and live music. There are several locations in the metro area– so, ready, set, golf!

We hope these few summer date night ideas encouraged you to get outside, create romantic memories, and have fun with bae.

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