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Best Denim Under $100

No matter what season, we’ll never get tired of a great pair of jeans. The best denim brands come in so many different silhouettes, from cropped and skinny to flared and straight leg. Denim is about as perfect as it gets; you can dress jeans up or down, they’re comfortable, and there’s always a new way to wear them.

Not to mention you can pick up blue jeans, black jeans, white jeans, acid jeans and printed jeans. It’s all possible with denim, and we are so here for it.

But, we don’t want to break the bank on a new pair of jeans every year. Having a good quality jean is super important for any wardrobe, a staple piece we may add.

Many of us have been home for the majority of 2020 and 2021 honestly, and now that we’re sloooooooooowly but surely finding ourselves leaving the house again – if only to go to the grocery store. To help you get back into the swing of things, we’ve put together a list of our best denim options under $100 for you to shop today:

Best Denim Jeans Under $100

Best Light/White Denim Wash

Lighter jeans typically are more casual than dark blue and black—and summer is the perfect time to use that to your advantage! Your ideal light pair looks just as cool dressed up as they do dressed down, so you can think of them as your warm-weather go-to for, well, just about everything. Here are stylish options to get you started:

Best Medium Denim Wash

Medium wash is the perfect in between. This is a shade lighter than dark wash denim, which means it’s been washed and dried more times – but not as much as light wash. You should always have a couple pair of medium wash for the days that dark wash just isn’t it – and neither is light! Here are our 2021 summer denim must-haves:

Best Dark Denim Wash

Top fashion editors all agree that the classic dark wash denim is a forever favorite that trends year after year after year. The wash elevates a typical pair of jeans and looks a little dressier than a light wash pair, making it perfect for the office or an evening out. Check out these favorite styles:

Best Denim Under $100

Having a solid pair of jeans in your wardrobe makes dressing up (and life much easier). The options above give you flexibility for any occasion, season, or weather.

Honestly, there’s so many washes to fall in love with. Whether you’re a colorful, acid, or white wash type of girl – jeans are flattering for everyone in every season. You can even go for the ultimate denim look and pair it with a denim shirt – with denim the options are literally limitless.

Once you get a chance to try your favorite new denim, be sure to come back and comment how they made you feel and look! If you have any other hidden gem favorites, please let us know. We’re always excited to try new styles and brands.

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