8 Tips for Planning the Perfect Adults-Only Weekend Getaway

weekend getaway for adults

It’s hard to imagine leaving your little ones with someone else, even for a short period of time. But sometimes parents need a little bit of time away from their kids to relax and recuperate. Here are eight tips for planning the perfect adults-only weekend getaway.


Leave Your Little Ones with Someone You Trust

One of the main anxieties parents usually have when going on an adults-only weekend getaway is if their little ones will be okay. To try to relieve at least a little bit of this anxiety, leave your kids with someone you trust. Think about asking your parents or maybe a trusted babysitter to look after them for those couple of days.


Stay Close(ish) To Home

Despite having someone trustworthy looking after the kids, we all know that it is very hard to calm all of the anxiety that comes with leaving your children in the hands of someone else. And the further way that you get from your kids, the more the anxiety grows. So try to stay close(ish) to home.

At the same time, try to stay somewhere that’s a little bit off of your usual route. If you stay at a hotel that is along your daily drive from home to work, it won’t quite feel like a vacation. However, if you stay at an accommodation that’s just a tad off of your beaten path, you might be able to trick your mind into thinking that you are a few states away, even though you aren’t that far from your kids.


Change the Ringtone of the Person Taking Care of Your Kids

“Call me if you need anything” is the phrase that most parents use as they are heading out the door and leaving their kids with someone else. Then, any time the phone rings when they are out, parents immediately become filled with tension and nightmarish thoughts, when it’s really just a cousin calling to say hi.

An easy fix to this problem is to change the ringtone of the person taking care of your kids to be different from the ringtone of everyone else. If a babysitter is taking care of your children, set his or her ringtone to something distinct, like a pinball machine, a motorcycle engine, or even a duck quack! That way, if you hear a simple harp or chime noise, you’ll know that there is no need to panic.


Get Travel Insurance

As a parent, you know that something can go wrong at any time. So what if just before your adults-only getaway, your kids came down with a bad case of the stomach flu? It would be really unfortunate if you had to cancel your hotel reservation and lose all of your money. To avoid that situation, consider buying travel insurance. That way, depending on the type of travel insurance that you purchase, you may be able to get your money back.


Find an Adults-Only Resort

If you’re going to leave your kids with someone else for a quiet weekend, it would be quite unfortunate if you ended up at a resort filled with other people’s kids. To avoid this ironic and uncomfortable situation, book an adults-only resort.


Or If You’re More Introverted, Consider a Boutique Hotel

Adults-only resorts still have quite a lot of people, so if you’re more of an introvert, a boutique hotel may be the option that you are looking for. These little accommodations tend to only have a few rooms, allowing for both privacy and quality time.


Think About Activities You Can’t Necessarily Do with Your Kids – And Do Them!

Wine tasting? Perhaps a romantic date night? The “big kid” rides at theme parks? There are so many options! Which adult activity is your pick for your getaway weekend?


Sleep In!

Raising kids can cause quite a lot of sleep deprivation. Many times, little toddlers are early risers. And if they aren’t, you still have to wake up before them to prep for them. During your perfect adults-only getaway weekend, sleep in as long as your heart desires!

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