7 Things Working Moms Should Never Apologize For

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Even though working moms do a lot for their family, it is natural for many to feel guilty about many of their decisions. At work, at home, and in society, working moms are judged and criticized, while also being demanded of a lot. This pressure can build up and create the urge to say “I’m Sorry”. The role of a working mom is hard, and the only way to succeed is to spend less time feeling badly about what you can and cannot accomplish. These are 10 things working moms should never apologize for.

Leaving Work to Pick Up Your Child

You don’t have to apologize for leaving to pick up your kid from daycare, because while you are an employee, you are also a parent with responsibilities outside of work. Apologizing is not at all necessary and gives the impression that being a mom can be compromising to your job when it is obviously not.


Asking to Work From Home

Working from home just gives you the flexibility and comfortable environment to being more effective and efficient at your job, while also taking care of your family. Do not feel guilty by asking managers or HR to feel comfortable while taking care of your family and being a hardworking employee.


Asking for a Promotion

You never need to apologize for having the ambition and desire to advance in the career that you love. Taking initiative shows your loyalty and ability to shoulder more responsibility, qualities that you never need to apologize for, just because you are a working mom.


Not Making Every Soccer Game

Chances are that there will be times that you can’t make every single soccer game, piano recital, or bedtime, because of your work responsibilities. But you don’t have to apologize for not coming to every single thing since it can set an expectation that is neither realistic nor sustainable.


Taking a Maternity Leave

Maternity leave is a legal right for many women, and if you qualify for FMLA or paid leave benefits from your employer, do not feel guilty for exercising your rights and benefits. Having a baby takes mental, physical, and emotional recovery, including bonding time. Work will be there when you return, and maternity leave doesn’t mean that you don’t care about your career.


Making Time For Yourself

Do not apologize for taking the time to become calmer and more centered. Working moms do a lot and deserve some time off to take care of yourself. So instead of feeling guilty for taking a nap instead of making dinner, ask a family member to help or order in, because you never should apologize for taking care of yourself.


Creating Boundaries

As an enthusiastic employee, it can be easy to try to please everyone by taking on more responsibilities, but as a working mom, establishing boundaries is how you can balance your professional and family life. Don’t feel guilty for creating boundaries; it actually makes it easier for others to work with you, by communicating with your co-workers more effectively.

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