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5 Ways To Make Sure You Use All Of Your Vacation Days

As working moms would love more vacation days to bond and spend more time with the family, it can genuinely be a true challenge to get away from the office. Feeling as if you always have a never-ending to-do list, both at work and at home, many working moms have limited time to spend with their family and perfecting their responsibilities at work. In a culture that endlessly glorifies being overworked and overtired, working moms often don’t use all of their vacation days, missing out on valuable family time. Here are some ways to make sure you use all of your vacation days.

Change the way you view vacations 

An extra day off does not mean that you and your family have to fly somewhere exotic. You can spend it at home watching TV and bonding together as a family. It doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money and cause even more stress; your vacation is about investing time away from your work and with your family. With this mindset, you can see extra vacation days not as another hectic thing that you have to plan for, but more time to spend with your children stress-free. This renewed point of view can prompt you to take some more relaxing vacation days throughout the year. 

60/40 Vacation Calendar Rule

Try to front-load your vacation calendar. To prevent having too many paid vacation days during the last couple of months of the year, try to use at least 60% of your paid time off in the first six months of the year. This way, by July, you should have about 40% of your annual vacation days left, enough for any summer or holiday vacations. By taking more of your vacation days during the beginning of the year makes it more likely that you will not run out of time to use the rest of your hard-earned vacation days.

Take long weekends

It’s easier to keep on top of your work and make sure that you are using every single one of your vacation days when you take long weekends. When you are working a four-day week instead of taking a week or two off all at once, it’s easier to make sure all of your work is done and accounted for so you can spend your vacation without stressing about your job. Of course, saving up your vacation days can allow you to have a really great and long vacation, but if you have a couple of extra days, take some long weekends to make sure you have time to spend with your family peacefully at home. 

Fly smarter 

If you are planning to take your vacation days to travel long distances, red-eye flights are the way to go. If you plan on flying over the weekend or on the first day you take off of work, you lose an entire day of time just flying, and not actually enjoying your destination. Instead, if you book a red-eye flight after your last day of work, you can arrive on your first full day of vacation. By sleeping on the plane, you may not even notice the difference, and you gain a whole extra day to spend with your loved ones. If you can get through a red-eye flight, you can definitely maximize your days off and time spend with your family and help you save some money in the process too.

Plan your vacations around holidays 

Depending on your company and which holidays they observe, you can find a lot of extra paid time off by planning your trips around the holidays. Most national holidays fall on either a Monday or Friday, which already gives you a three day weekend. So you only need to use four vacation days to get an entire week away. By scheduling your vacation days around the holidays, you can maximize the amount of time off you get by using the least amount of vacation days.

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