October 18, 2020

4 Tips To Organize Your Linen Closet

We’ve all been home dreaming up our next home project or tackling DIY projects since we’ve spent so much extra time at home. I’ve shared a few of my favorite home projects thus far, and rather big or small, I love an organizational project to help us in our everyday life. My most recent project was organizing our linen closet, and as most people may think, it’s actually a pretty simple and affordable project that can be done fairly easily. Here are 4 tips to organize your linen closet.

Pull Everything Out

To truly organize your space, you need to see what you have, what you don’t need, and what you can group into categories for easier use of the space. Once you pull everything out, you may find a few items that either didn’t belong in that space or items that can help your organization.

Sort Your Items

Now that you can see everything you’re working with, this is the time to sort it all into piles. You can do this easily by remembering what do you plan to keep, what needs to be thrown out, and what can you donate. Once you figure this out you can work with the pile you’re keeping and categorize them. Linens together, hand towels, and whatever else you may keep in your closet.

Collect Your Supplies

I love a good themed space where similar color baskets, labels, and other items truly bring the space together. It just makes it look more organized and put together. I recommend places like The Container Store or Target is where I’m usually able to find all of my organizational items.

Label Everything

The whole purpose of organizing the space is to make it neat and help you and others easily identify what’s where whenever you need it. I love these labels because you can customize them to say whatever you may have in your space and they are just neat making your space uniformed.

These 4 tips should help you get your space exactly how you need it and perfect for your use. Have you organized your linen closet recently or have tips to share? I’d love to know, leave your comments below.

XO Jasmine

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