4 Time Management Tips For A Productive Day

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Let’s be real here, every day there’s at least one thing that can throw your entire schedule completely off. I’m guilty of saying yes to things and later looking at my calendar wondering why my entire day is completely full. It didn’t take long to learn a lesson on that and take charge of my day of making it more productive. No one knows what your day should be except you and it’s best when you have a productive day. Time management is a major key to success when it comes to building a career or business and if you’re not organized or able to manage your time, you’ll see the results reflect. If you’re wondering how so many of your favorite entrepreneurs can achieve so much in a day, check out these 4 tips on time management for a productive day.


1. List

The best way to maximize your day is to create a list. I always create a list of the things that I must get done that day and it helps me stay on track. I try to make it the night before so when I’m ready to get to work, I already know where to focus my energy. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with the list so try to list the top 5-6 things that are either the hardest items or non-negotiable that have to be done that day. You’ll find comfort with checking off each item as you go throughout your day.


2.  Calendar

I can’t go without my calendar. Everything I need to do is on my calendar. This helps so I’m not double booking myself and so I know where/when I need to be certain places. If it’s not on the calendar it doesn’t happen. This theory not only keeps you organized but helps you with time management. You can see a bigger view of your day and where you can allot more time on a task from your to-do list or any last minute things.


3. Blocking

Time blocking is one of the most suggested things to do for time management. It honestly took me a while to get on board but after I started consistently making my list and managing my calendar better I decided to give it a try and it’s amazing.  Going back to number 1, your list you made, you can go through your calendar and list out time slots on when you want to work on these projects and the amount of time you’ll need. You want to plan these around all of your meetings or other activities you have throughout the day. Once you’re done, you will have an entire view of what you need to focus on for that specific day and the time you’ll need to make it happen. You ever wonder how your favorite girl bosses get through ten meetings plus a list of 20 tasks a day, they block the time to make it happen. Everyone has the same 24 hours a day, it’s all about how you use them.


4. Distractions

We all have them whether we know it or not. Social media, our phones, a show you’re watching on Netflix, whatever it is, it’s a distraction and keeping you from achieving your goals for the day. 5 pm hits and you look at your list and see two out 20 items checked off. I don’t think that’s a productive day at all.  Eliminate the distractions, turn your phone on silent and get to work. If your job involves your phone, limit the time you spend on it throughout the day and add it on your calendar as a time block on when you should check it for a certain amount of time.


XO Jasmine

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