4 Healthy Changes I’ve Made In 2019

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When it comes to our health or self-care, sometimes we often overlook it if we aren’t having any issues. With work, being a mom, wife and just busy in general, I decided this year that I would make sure I made plans to not only continuously live a healthy lifestyle and not just when it was convenient but make time for self-care days to relax not only my body but my mind. I know I’m not the only one who makes all these plans for the new year and two weeks in the workouts are down to one week.

Spring is the perfect time to catch up on any goals that may have slipped since the new year. I recently did an interview with Spotlyte, and learned about a contest that’s exclusively happening in Atlanta: The Spotlyte On…You contest. Two winners will receive a $300 salon gift-certificate as well as a local physician consultation and – if you’re an appropriate candidate- a medical aesthetics treatment.  Click here to enter and for more details. I am a paid partner of Spotlyte.

 For myself, I decided to make a change list of things to do throughout the entire year. Here are 4 healthy changes I’ve made in 2019. 

1)    Earlier Bedtimes: This sounds easy but when you’re a mom to a busy toddler, bedtimes depending on the day can sometimes be 11 pm. After you complete all the daily evening task and get your little one for bed, time goes so quick, when I want to sit down and try to catch one of my shows on DVR it’s 11:30/11:00. What I’ve started doing is creating my weekly list of meals we’re having ahead of time and making things that either provide leftovers or are quick and easy. This has helped tremendously get at least an hour of time back in the evenings so I’m able to use that hour towards getting in bed no later than 10 pm comfortably. 

2)    Eating healthier: Yes Chick-Fil-A cooks in peanut oil and everyone uses this as the claim to healthy eating but at the end of the day it’s still fried. I’ve exchanged chicken nuggets for a salad or one of the healthy dinner leftovers during lunch and have noticed over this short amount of time my energy levels boosting and not as fatigue by midday as usual.  

3)    Daily cardio: I’m determined to get the Peleton bike, but until then, I love getting fresh air in between meetings and work and just taking a quick walk around the office or neighborhood depending on where I’m working that day. 30 minutes of cardio a day can really make a serious change in your health without really doing anything too strenuous. It’s also nice to just take a step back from the computer and phone screens and disconnect.

4)    Scheduling facials + massages: Not only do we need to take care of the inside but also the outside. After having my son, I experienced crazy breakouts and one thing that helped along with cutting dairy was getting a facial. We think at home we’re getting everything clean but they really go deep and it’s really relaxing to just have that quiet me time.

If you’re also looking to make instrumental healthier changes in your life this year, this list may seem small but can really make a difference.


XO Jasmine 

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