tips to get toddlers to eat healthy

3 Ways To Get Your Kids To Eat Nutritious Meals

This post is sponsored by Ripple Foods. The opinions and text are all mine.

We can all agree that during these times of being home, we may have drained the list of meal ideas. Now that school is back in session and we’re trying to create some sort of routine, eating nutritious, wholesome meals is definitely a must for us. I have a toddler and any moms of toddlers know they can be extremely picky eaters. I’m no expert on this but I have found a few ways to get our little guy excited about mealtime and eating more wholesome options. If you’re trying to get your kids to eat nutritious meals or even snacks, here are 3 quick tips that can help. Plus, make sure to take advantage of the Smart Savings promotion that’s happening at Publix now through 10/10/20. Ripple Plant-Based Milk is $1 off in the 48-oz. size!

tips to get toddlers to eat healthytips to get toddlers to eat healthy

Include Them in the Shopping

When we include our son in the grocery shopping, he loves to get involved and help find the items needed for each meal.  He likes to think of it as an adventure game, but we can carry this same game at home with him identifying the items on his plate that we got from the store. It keeps him involved and interested and of course, curious to try new things. He looks at it as a fun game, but we get a win with him eating the items we wanted him to try without the fussing and hassle.

tips to get toddlers to eat healthy

Get Them Involved in the Kitchen

Since we’re doing school at home for him this year, I make a weekly schedule around what meals/snacks we’ll have throughout the day. This keeps consistency just as he would have at preschool. One of our favorite things to do is make an afternoon fruit smoothie with Ripple Plant-Based Milk from Publix. Ripple Plant-Based Milk is dairy-free. It’s also rich, creamy, and delicious. Plus, it has 8g of plant-based protein and 50% more calcium than dairy. I know I can feel good about giving it to him. I also give him the option to pick his favorite fruit he wants to include. Then he drops them into the blender! He’s obsessed with seeing it all come together. Not to mention, it’s incredibly delicious. This also goes back to our shopping tip, where he sees the Ripple Plant-Based Milk and fruit at Publix and is able to add them to the basket knowing we’re doing something fun with it later. Ripple Plant-Based Milk has 30-50% less sugar than 2% dairy milk, and two of their flavors are completely sugar-free! All of the Ripple Plant-Based Milk flavors are delicious, but we love the Original and the Unsweetened Vanilla. It’s right in the dairy section at Publix!


Start Them Early

I love that we incorporated so many fruits and veggies into his meals early on. I feel like it made a difference now that he’s older. When he was a baby, I made 90% off his food. Being able to make the baby food you usually see in stores gives peace of mind. I knew he was getting the fruits and veggies we wanted him to have daily.

As I mentioned, I’m no expert and we all know toddlers have a mind of their own when doing the things, they want to do. These specific tips have helped us with our little guy and making sure he gets the nutritious meals he needs each and every day. Make sure to pick up Ripple Plant-Based Milk at Publix now through 10/10/20 while their 48-oz. sizes are $1 off. It’s one of my secrets for making sure my son gets extra nutrients!

XO Jasmine

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