10 Ways To Soak Up The Summer Fun At Home

Summer is something kids love to celebrate – but sometimes it gets a little hot, even for them. Not to mention how pricey it can be for us parents. Luckily summer fun at home is all about swimming and finding ways to enjoy the sunshine.

When things really heat up outside, try one of these 10 Ways Kids Can Have Summer Fun at Home:

1. Visit the Outdoor Market

Most farmers markets are held outdoors through September. Buy your fresh, locally grown produce – which is usually priced cheaper than what you’d pay at the grocery – in the open air and sunshine while you can!

2. Ice Age Activity

Dig for frozen treasures with this DIY Ice Age activity bin. It will keep kids busy for a good time.

3. Play Lawn Checkers.

Lawn checkers is a great way to exercise the mind and the body. We’ve played games like this on cruises and loved them so why not bring them home with us? This option is perfect because it flips over into tic-tac-toe for even more fun!

4. Make soft sponge bombs.

Those colorful kitchen sponges that come in a multi-pack are great for more than just cleaning: Cut them into strips and tie them together, then soak them in water and they turn into fun sponge balls! They’re soft and easy to grab – plus they don’t break as water balloons can – so they’re great for even little kids.

5. Photography challenges

Love to take shots for decorating your walls or your Instagram feed? Instead of just heading out for random shooting, give yourself a photo challenge for a day. You can make up your own or search online for popular ideas.

6. Play Street Hockey

If you’re like us you’ve seen kids at home for summer playing street hockey in the Disney movies, but you’ve never actually played yourself. This summer’s time to change that up. If you need the official rules (like we did) we’ve got you covered.

7. Paint the Driveway

Summer fun at home wouldn’t be the same without painting the driveway with this easy 3-Ingredient sidewalk paint.

8. Get sporty

When’s the last time you enjoyed a game of badminton? Volleyball? Tennis? Take what gear you’ve got and set it up in your backyard (or make use of the equipment at your local park) to compete against your friends.

9. Tie-Dye Your Wardrobe

Tie-dye shirts, beach towels, shirts, dresses, sheets – anything! Instructions here.

10. Host a Bake-Off

For those overcast and rainy summer days, call up your friends and challenge them to a bake-off. Make it difficult by only being allowed to use the ingredients you already have on hand or allow everyone to make a quick grocery run. No matter if you win or lose, you get a delicious treat out of it regardless. Try the Campfire Berry-Peach Cobbler in my recent blog to get you the first-place recipe!

If you run through these, I also helped you out with 10 Screen-Free Family Activities.

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