Date Night Ideas At Home

10 Valentine Date Night Ideas At Home

Valentine’s Day is next week and if you’re like us with a new baby at home, your date night options are pretty limited. I have no complaints because we get to hang out with our little one and enjoy each others company which is always the best than a crowded restaurant. My hubby and I are both great at coming up with creative things to do whether that be at home or places to go. I created an idea jar of things we can do together or as a family based on a variety of factors that I will share in a later post. No jar, no problem. Scroll down to see 10 Valentine date night ideas at home.

Date Night Ideas At Home

10 Valentine date night ideas at home

[one-half-first] 1. Netflix and chill. 

Okay, I had to, it’s hilarious when I see those words and let’s be real a good Netflix movie or binge watching a show is always a good time.

2. Game Night

Board games, video games, karaoke, whatever you and your spouse love to do in the gaming category pull it out and make it happen.

3. Cook Together

Instead of you or him making the entire meal, what about putting all hands in and working together to prepare the feast of the evening.

4. Home Spa

Create your own at-home spa so you both can sit back and relax

5. Puzzle Night

This could be grouped into game night, but it’s still very relaxing and fun to sit back and just drink a glass of wine and enjoy putting together a puzzle



6. Work Out

If you have any home gym equipment or home workouts, enjoy a night of fitness and exercises together if you’re into the fitness lifestyle.

7. Paint

You can stop by your local Michaels or art supply store and grab a few tools to have a paint party in your home. You can also grab products that baby can play with and splash his or her hands making their own artwork.

8. Indoor Picnic

This is something else your little one can get involved in as you set up shop indoors for a fun picnic. Grab small finger foods to enjoy

9. Home Project

Maybe there’s a little project you both have been putting off in your home or an item you need to put together. This is the time you can work together on this home project and chat the night away.

10. Movie Night

This is a given. Dinner and a movie but at home is always a good time



I hope if you are staying in that some of the ideas above help you plan your evening. Especially with it being during the week, most restaurants are going to be extremely crowded with crazy wait times so if you can bypass that especially with a little one in tow your night is already off to a great start. Enjoy!


Xo Jasmine

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