10 Screen-Free Family Activities At Home

10 Screen-Free Family Activities At Home

So many parents, myself included, are looking for fun ideas for screen-free family activities for kids. I mean, it’s not even the end of May, and I’ve heard it 100 times already: Can I play screens for a little while? 

Why Screen-Free Family Time is Important

It is getting easier and easier to rely on screens for our kid’s entertainment and schoolwork since we’re home a lot more than usual. But it’s important to keep “real life” play in their routine to help encourage interaction, creative thinking, problem-solving and so much more.

I try to get as creative as possible when coming up with activities for KJ, Marcus, and I to do as a family. Here are some super fun and inexpensive activities we’ve done with our family that we wanted to share with you!

10 Screen-Free Family Activities At Home

1. Play a board game.

When I was younger my favorite board game was Candy Land. Between the colors, the characters, and being able to skip in front of my cousin’s pieces I couldn’t get enough. KJ tends to enjoy more monster and space games but regardless of which game we play, we truly enjoy spending the time together. Board games are also great for way to teach him about rules and the patience of waiting his turn.

2. Host a backyard Olympics.

Some days our kids are running on 10 and we’re running on 2 – and we just want them to take a nap. We found the backyard Olympics and it hasn’t let us down yet. We love to use a variety of outdoor cones, bean bags, and hoops. Plus these are great because even on rainy days we can do it in the garage or move the couches in the living room.

Here’s the game set we use to get you started.

3. Draw.

We always have paper lying around the house so drawing is an easy decision when we need screen-free family activities. Pictures are a great way for children to express their creativity and also for us to fill up our scrapbooks of their drawings. We want to have one for both Brooklyn and KJ so that when they get older they can see their creations from their younger self.

4. Plant a garden.

I don’t have the greenest thumb, but it is fun to allow KJ to grow something with his own hands. We found the perfect kit that allows him to paint his planter, plant the seeds and watch them grow. It gives him a tremendous sense of purpose and responsibility.

Here’s the perfect starter kit.

5. Learn to cook meals.

If you saw the blog last week I shared a few fun meals to help snack time. Obviously, we like to include KJ as much as possible for a number of reasons including entertainment, math/measurements, and allowing him to taste what he creates. Also, it helps us incorporate him into cleanup time so that he gets accustomed to cleaning his own messes.

6. Write your own comic book.

This one is one of my favorites. This has been a way for us to get into the mind of KJ. We get to see what gets him excited, what possible things he’s struggling with, and how he views victory. We found a really cool set that even has the comic book squares and stamps to make it super official.

Make it official with this comic book kit.

7. Decorate lunch bags for Meals on Wheels.

We’ve been tremendously blessed as a family and want to give back to others as much as we can. Decorating bags for Meals on Wheels not only brightens up the day of the people receiving the bags but also allows us to teach KJ the importance of being kind to all people all the time.

8. Marble Maze.

Creating a maze has been super eventful for us. We like that the kit allows us to make a completely new maze each time we play. That way we never truly get bored with the activity.

Here’s a marble maze that lets you build and play a new way every time.

9. Melted Crayon Painting.

This is one is similar to #3 but a lot more fun (and messy if we’re being honest). If you have tons of old broken crayons that nobody wants to use any more? You can upcycle those old art supplies into melted crayon art!

10. Kinetic Sandcastles.

You’ll be begging your kids for a turn because it’s just so amazing how the sand can shapeshift. It can be squeezed into a solid stiff shape and then with some slight pressure, start to shift and almost melt between your fingers like regular sand.

Get some here

As you try these screen-free family activities, tag me on Instagram (@jasminescrockett) with your fun family videos!

XO Jasmine

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