WordPress vs. Blogger

WordPress vs. Blogger

Choosing the right blogging platform can either make or break your blog. If you have certain goals or certain expectations for your blog it definitely makes sense to do research on what platform fits your blogging model the best. I usually run into many bloggers who started on Blogger and then transitioned to WordPress which I also did as well. The great thing about starting on Blogger is when you’re ready to take your blog to the next level and want to add more customization all of your data created on your Blogger site can be imported into your new WP site. Although, I wish I just would of started on WP from the beginning many people have reasons they start on one or the other and continue to use it. If you’re just starting your blogging journey and honestly not sure where to begin I have highlighted my pros and cons of each platform below.

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Both of these Blogging Platforms have their advantages as well as disadvantages therefore, you should always read the pros and cons of each and compare them towards your specific needss.

Blogger PROS

  • Setting up a blog with Blogger is as simple as following a few prompts – Blogger has an easy interface without clutter making navigation very easy. The all in one dashboard navigates quickly from one blog to another when you have multiple blogs hosted on this platform and editing can be done with just a few clicks.
  • Ideal for new bloggers. The learning curve is not as steep – Normally new webmasters get confused with complicated C-panels and HTML, Blogger has the basic “compose” mode that allow you to basically just “copy and paste”. For the more advanced users, blogger also allows you to work within the html and add your own CSS.
  • Creating a post and publishing is very easy – Blogger makes it extremely easy to post your newest post, for you are able to do it within the browser, via email or on your smart phone, making it quite useful when you are away from your PC and feel the need to write a quick update or even a full post.
  • Nothing to install – Since Blogger is run by Google and hosted on their servers, you don’t need to do installations or use FTP loaders to upload files and pages.
  • Change the look with custom templates – Blogger provides a basic variety of templates both simple and dynamic, which can be customized with your own colors, formats and headers. Some templates also allow for custom CSS and HTML in order to make your blog perform in the way you want it.
  • The purchasing of a domain is not necessary – Blogger provide you with the custom “www.yoursite.blogspot.com” domain name, but you are not limited to this option only, for you will be able to redirect your blog to your own domain name as well.
  • Detailed site analysis – Within your dashboard you are represented with a basic “stats” section that provides information on page visits, traffic statistics, keyword performance and so forth.
  • Blogger is free to use – Currently this platform is the most decent blogging platform within the “free” category.


  • Blogger is not the ideal platform to monetize your blog
  • The design and function is very limited with a lack of flexibility
  • The themes look very similar – Unfortunately blogger does not have a huge database of templates therefore they are used widely across on many blogs, making it hard to stand out above the others. If you have the knowledge to work on CSS and HTML you can tweak the templates to give them a bit of spunk,and more theme designers are creating templates specifically for blogger which actually look nice. I have seen a few on Etsy if you want to start there.

WordPress PROS

  • Customization is a breeze – With WordPress you will be able to choose from a diverse amount of themes and plug-ins, making it possible to be unique within your niche or brand. There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of themes and plug-ins available for download both free and premium.
  • The plug-ins can increase the functionality of your blog
  • SEO is easy
  • You can monetize your blog.
  • You don’t have to have just a blog on WP. WordPress allows you to build literally any kind of website so if you’re running a business or wanting to open a new online shop you can do this as well without having the blog layout.
  • Hosting for WordPress is more affordable and easygoing – Finding a good hosting company that provides you with all the options for your needs is always a big headache, and further more struggling to download WP along with its plug-ins could be a nightmare if not done properly. Most of the top hosting providers like Godaddy and BlueHost already have the option within the Cpanel to install WordPress with only a few clicks, making it easy for newbies to get going fast.


  • Not as user friendly as Blogger – WordPress can be very intimidating for new bloggers for there is a learning curve involved. Installation with the right hosting company that is already providing you with the download option within the Cpanel will be a breeze, but for those who want to host their blog with a hosting provider that requires a manual download and upload of all core files it can be quite a difficult process for new bloggers.
  • WordPress needs to be updated on a regular basis – The core program needs to be updated frequently to the newest version in order to work properly, and this can break up existing plug-ins. You should always pick the right plug-ins or get a professional to install them.
  • Plug-ins can crash against each other – The most common plug-ins will work just fine without causing any problems whatsoever, but if you experiment too much or install plug-ins from unsecured sources you could get stuck when these plug-ins are not compatible with each other. You will need to get a professional to tweak the code in order to work correctly.
  • Not completely free – you will have to spend money to get your hosting and domain and you will pay for extras like app development and premium or exclusive themes and plug-ins.

Which platform do you prefer? Do you have pros or cons for either that I may have missed?

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