What To Wear To A Wedding

What To Wear To A Wedding

Atlanta fashion blogger Atlanta fashion blogger

It’s wedding season and if you’re getting invited to weddings left and right you need to know exactly what to wear whether the festivities are indoors or outdoors. I personally have two weddings coming up and even though they are both indoors it’s summer time and you want to be comfy and in something cool with this heat. This dress from Macy’s is the perfect look for a wedding because it’s cute enough to stand out but not go overboard and steal the brides shine. It’s also matched with a good amount of accessories because you don’t want to go overboard in the accessories department as well. Wedding dress codes come with a lot of stipulations — don’t go too short, don’t go too flashy, or wear white, but you honestly have to wear what’s right for you and your style.

Moving to an exciting announcement…I have officially launched my Youtube channel so please make sure you subscribe. I uploaded about two videos to it in the past that you’ve watched already in past post, my NYC trip and our trip to Ohio. Now, with today’s style post I have a lookbook so you can get in the details of just how cute this dress really is. Enjoy!!


Atlanta fashion blogger


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