The Planner For 2017 Organization

The Planner For 2017 Organization

When it comes to planning and scheduling things, I’m the queen of making this happen. I literally had two-three planners for different things plus using my digital calendar on my phone and computer, talk about unnecessary work. It made sense at first to try and keep my many projects separate but I would end up forgetting something because it may be in a planner I left at home. I have been determined to be able to write out blog task, work task, appointments, events, and so on in one planner but I couldn’t find one that really spoke to me.

As we were heading toward the end of 2016, someone reached out from a planner company and they make this planner called, STARTplanner. I haven’t heard of them before and I found out they were local which made it more of a reason to look into. On their website they state, “Position yourself for success, and start crushing your goals. We have daily planners and weekly planners to help you plan goals, projects, finances & life.” Naturally I’m thinking a planner to write out goals, my projects, and more, no way! This is everything I’ve been looking for. You can list out your monthly to-do’s, write in your daily to-do’s, meeting times, budget for the month, write your grocery list, keep track of your calories and water intake per day, plus more!! Take a peak below.

I have finally found one planner to keep everything I need in and never have to worry about carrying around multiple planners. The team at STARTplanner truly understands the hustle of everyday life and fully believe that goals are not achieved without proper planning, organizing and preparing yourself for success. Everything you need to stay organized is jam packed into this spiral bound planner with a custom design cover by a local artist!! If you’re looking to get a start and achieve your New Years resolutions of being organized, get your STARTplanner today. EVERYTHING you could possibly need… and content you didn’t even know you needed!


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