How To Tackle Your Inbox

How To Tackle Your Inbox

If you’re like many entrepreneurs or bloggers you send and receive a million emails a day. If you are checking your emails every time you hear a new notification you’ll never get any work done. I know from a personal experience, I used to have my emails pop up on my lock screen (iPhone user) until it became out of control. It got to the point of being so annoying I cut all of the notifications off.  Now I only know I have an email on my phone when I open the app and refresh the inboxes. This helps me stay on track with my daily schedule of when I check and reply to emails. Here are a few tips and tricks I have personally learned/added to keeping my inboxes maintained:

  • Set aside time to check your inbox and reply to emails. This could be in the morning before you start your day to officially to reply to any emails you may have missed or received overnight. Another great time can be during lunch hours. This gives the recipients you’ve replied or reached out to that morning time to read and respond and you time to check any new emails.  Then of course one final check before you shut down for the day and then repeat… Keeping a schedule keeps you sane and on task plus you don’t want to find yourself enjoying a movie with family and you’re checking your emails at midnight unless it’s an emergency.
  • Flag/Mark any emails for follow up that don’t require an immediate response. Once you have one thought about your response and two are at your designated time to respond to emails then go back through all of the flagged emails.
  • Create folders. If you’re like me I rarely delete emails especially business related emails. So to keep my inbox updated, I organize those emails in a folder based on subject and importance. For example, with my blogger network Dallas Blogger Collective, I handle the brand campaigns. We recently launched this new aspect of the network in January and there are a ton of emails I have sent or received from other brands that I want to keep organized. This is where a folder comes in handy. I have a folder specifically for Brand Campaigns so any email dealing with this will go into that folder.

How do you keep your inbox in tact? Do you have a few tips or tricks that work better for you that aren’t listed here? I would love to hear!





  1. February 3, 2015 / 10:22 pm

    Honestly, my personal inbox is a lost cause. I have started to get better with my blog inbox. I’ve learned how to create labels to make sure everything is assorted accordingly. I need to really work on setting aside a set time to just worry about my email instead of all throughout the day.

    • jasminecrockett
      February 6, 2015 / 11:44 am

      Yes, the labels work really well also. Setting aside a time just for emails though has been key. If I don’t, I totally agree I would also be in my inbox all day.

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