How To: Men Style For Church

How To: Men Style For Church

I usually mention my amazing hubby in about 98% of my post on the blog. So I finally was able to get him to agree to pose for a few quick photos and introduce him to you all finally through his own style post. 🙂 Meet Marcus! My partner in crime, amazing support system, amazing husband, best friend, and so much more. He is the person behind helping me with photos and the business side of my ventures/blog. I decided to do a post on style ideas for men who attend church but not sure entirely what to wear.

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shirt: Ralph Lauren Polo | pants: Macys | watch: Fossil | sunglasses: Ray-ban | Shoes: Cole Haan

I personally think the days are behind when guys wear full suits to church. Just in my recent observations I’ve seen most guys wearing the business casual look especially when the weather gets warmer. Many churches are fine with the causal look and if this fits your service then here are a few ideas for my male readers or women who act behind the scenes for their guys personal stylist.


For decades the suit jacket and tie have gone together but sometimes you must go your separate ways. Now, it’s not to say that ties are obsolete; they’re still a very crucial piece of formalwear—and can still be used for semi-casual looks—but if your neck is ready to be free, tieless is the way to go.

If you feel more comfortable with a neckpiece, consider a scarf with your shirt and blazer instead of a tie, if the weather permits.


Sporting a button up without a tie below your blazer looks incredibly sleek. Button it all the way or leave one or two undone at the top for a masculine chest appearance. Wearing a thin sweater instead of a button up is also a great alternative if you’re unsure about leaving your buttons exposed.


With business casual, your collection needs more than just a basic black dress shoe. Since you’re dressing down your threads, make your shoes stand out with a unique shade—such as brown and navy hues—or intricate detail. Style wise, stick to a loafer, oxford, derby or brogue. Depending on the weather, you may also be able to get away with a dress boot, which is more casual.


The key to business casual is having a pant that is a different color than your blazer—whether it is a pair of slacks, khakis or even jeans. Although, depending on your workplace, jeans may not be considered office appropriate. If you have the denim go-ahead, stick to a solid, dark wash.


Yes guys…accessories. Whether you have that favorite watch or bracelet you like to wear add some sort of piece to finish off your entire look.


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