How To Make Your Fitness Resolution Happen

How To Make Your Fitness Resolution Happen

With the new year comes new goals and plans. We all have a list of things we want to start doing or things we started in the last year and want to complete in the new year. The list of resolutions can go on for a mile. I personally think the most added resolution to everyones list is working out or getting their health together. So, I want to help you achieve this goal and stick to it by following the steps below.


If your goal is to get fit in 2017, it will be much harder to accomplish if you’re doing it for someone else. YOU have to decide that you are ready and willing to put in the work required to get the results you want, only then will you find the motivation to push yourself to achieve your 2017 fitness goals.


Having a set of washboard abs, cutting out all unnatural foods from your diet, and jogging 10 miles a day may sound great in your head but if you currently eat what you want and your weekly exercise program involves a leisurely stroll to the local shops then it is not going to happen.  The first step to success is setting fitness resolutions that are realistic based on your current diet and activity levels.


Almost everything is more fun when done with a friend or loved one, and the same is true of exercise. For most people, hitting the gym with a friend is always more fun and motivating. If you know of a friend or family member who has a similar resolution for the new year, why not go to the gym together? Challenge one another and keep each other accountable to meet the realistic goals that you’ve set.


There are probably many areas of your fitness that you would like to improve this year.  Maybe you want to eat more healthy foods?  Perhaps you want to reduce your body fat levels?  You might want to improve your stamina or increase your strength? Focusing on 1 or 2 goals is manageable but focussing on 10 or 20 is almost impossible.  If you have 20 fitness resolutions, write them down, prioritize them, and then pick the top 1 or 2.


If you do not track your progress regularly then even the most detailed action plan becomes useless.  Try and sit down once a week and review your actual progress against your original action plan.


In most cases, the ultimate goal of a fitness resolution is self gratification.  You might want to look better, feel better or perform better and this is the long term reward for your efforts.  After a couple of months hard work and no visible reward the urge to quit often kicks in.  To overcome this obstacle reward yourself each month or week that you are successful.  These rewards should be aligned with your action plan and not interfere with your fitness resolutions.  For example, if your overall goal is to reduce your body fat levels then you should not reward yourself with a cake every week.  Instead go for something that is independent of your fitness resolutions like a new CD or new workout clothes.  By rewarding yourself regularly you will have much more motivation in both the short term and the long term making you more likely to succeed with your fitness resolutions.


Do you have any tips that help you stick with your fitness plans for the new year? Along with the plans don’t forget to add a new fitness wardrobe. New clothes makes everything better. 😉 I’ve linked a few of my favorites below.


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