Getting It Done With Lenovo

Getting It Done With Lenovo

Girl boss: Someone who owns or runs their own business and doesn’t have to answer to the man. Someone making ish happen! Yea that pretty much sums up the overall definition of #girlboss. If you’re dedicated to working the late hours and early mornings and putting your all into something you’re passionate about you are well on your way. Everyone can’t be a boss let’s clear that up really quick. Everyone wants to be a boss but doesn’t want to put in the werk!! work! Being a boss does have its benefits such as working wherever and whenever you want.

This particular day it was super nice outside so I decided to take my work with me and get some things done in the park in between meetings. Lately, this Dallas sun has been nonexistent with all the rain so you have to take the sunshine you are given and take advantage of it. I’m usually an Apple loyal fan but when Lenovo reached out about trying their new Yoga 3 Pro I had to try it out. Unlike the usual laptops, this one turns into a tablet and is super lightweight. I’m not a fan of carrying a huge work bag everywhere which I usually have to do with my Apple laptop but not with this one. I can literally throw it in my bag and be on my way….without it feeling like 100 pounds on my shoulder.

Advertised as the worlds thinnest convertible notebook I certainly believe it. Whether you’re wanting to get work done, play games, watch Netflix, turn your laptop into a kickstand to read a recipe while cooking, I promise this Lenovo Yoga pro does it ALL! I’m all about being able to multitask and any device that allows me to do more than one thing other than type on a keyboard I am all ears. You can view more on the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro here if you’re skeptical about just how good it is. If you were searching for your next computer? This is it.

Where are your favorite places to get work done? What are some of your favorite devices to get things done? I’d love to hear what’s useful for everyone.

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Photos by: Stephanie Drenka Photography

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