Dreamy Preset Makes Photo Editing A Breeze

Dreamy Preset Makes Photo Editing A Breeze

Moving to a new city and losing most of your resources for your blog can be hard. Your photographer, your blogger circle, the fun events all of the time. You really have to get back into a swing of things in the new place and figure out what your new home offers and how you can make it work for your blog. Something’s take time and finding the perfect photographer is definitely one of them.
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I think moving to a new city or living in your current city that can be a struggle. You want the best pictures ever and you want them back with a quick turnaround for your campaign you’re working on or for it to fit in your editorial calendar like you planned. When you can’t get your pictures done this is honestly one of the biggest pieces to a blog post and it can truly ruin the entire post. You don’t want horrible pictures but sometimes you have to work with what you have.

With my demanding schedule and not wanting to wait for pictures all of the time, I spoke with my husband about it and how I wanted to upgrade my camera and get serious about the images taken and learn more on editing. I’ve played around on Adobe Lightroom and I’ve heard of the presets you can set for your pictures and also edit from those which speeds up the process. So, if you follow me on Instagram, I received a camera upgrade for Christmas and since then I’ve been teaching myself Lightroom. It’s honestly so much easier to have my husband snap the pictures for me and I’m able to look at them, retake as many as needed, and not be on time crunch.

The thing with photographers, you’re on their time since you have to pay for the time, so having someone who supports your blog and not minding to snap photos is a blessing! From him snapping the photos and my continuous learning on Lightroom I learned most of the basics I needed plus a great lens and camera helps because you don’t have to overdo editing especially with great lighting. As I mentioned before, you’re able to apply presets to your images and it can be applied to literally all of the images you upload to LR that way you’re not editing each image one by one. You can set the presets to the exact editing tone you like such as the amount of contrast, brightness, etc. and it’ll apply to each image. I’ve played around with setting the presets but I knew a certain look I wanted on my images and wanted to see if I could find these specific presets online.

If you Google presets you can literally find different ones and luckily for me I came across a website called, Dreamy Presets. It’s a bloggers dream! It’s a one-stop-shop for bloggers to take their blog to the next level, whether it is photography or learning the secrets to gain more brand collaborations. Not only do they offer the presets, they have a complete toolkit to help you take your brand to the next level and it includes tips to pitch brands and how your media kit should look! Although, I mentioned bloggers, if you own a business that you need pretty imagery for which most bloggers I know do, they also offer styled stock images. Dreamy Presets are probably the easiest key to editing your images for your blog post and it takes seconds. I personally love the Barcelona preset and used it on the image below. Super simple to convert your original image to having the presets and I’ll show you how in these simple steps.

Step 1: Import Your Image Into Adobe Lightroom

Step 2: To the right you’ll see your presets column, click this and the presets are all listed in it. From here I highlight the Barcelona preset and I usually start with the vibrancy of how I want the picture, then I work my way to the skin softener, and end with clicking the neutral toner. Literally three clicks and I go from the pic to the left to the pic to the right.

(Unedited/Edited )

atlanta fashion blogger

 Pretty easy right? I promise, editing photos was something I didn’t want to deal with for my blog but it’s always good to know how to work all of the moving parts of your website. I’m so glad I found Dreamy Presets and look forward to learning more on photo editing and taking my brand and images to the next level.



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About Dreamy Presets

Founded by blogger and entrepreneur Alina Dinh, Dreamy Preset is the premier branding shop, providing tools and resources to help content creators take their photos to the next level and secure more brand collaborations. Their products include premium photo filters for high-resolution blog images, marketing templates (media kits, brand pitches), blogging ebooks and styled stock photography.

Still curious on how to make these presets work? Check out the demo video below.


This post is sponsored by Dreamy Presets; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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