I love helping others achieve their goals and sharing the knowledge and skills I have learned on my blogging journey. Whether you’re having questions on how to start blogging, set up a blog, what platform should you use, building a media kit, working with brands, monetizing your blog, the list goes on. Whatever it is, lets chat and let me help you put that voice in your head saying “no you can’t do it” to shame.


We’ll start off with a questionnaire to get down to what exactly you’re needing help with and focusing in on your problem areas. From there we will go down a personalized check list created by me for your blog on how you can improve in those areas plus more! Not a blogger, but looking for tips on how you can add a blog to help market your business? You’ve come to the right person.


“Jasmine was such a joy to not only work with but even just speaking about ideas and dreams with her was encouraging. She inspires and really has expertise in the blogging world. I can definitely tell she lives and breathes her passion for blogging!”

– Chiara G., ChiaraMarie.com

“Jasmine is a well-respected and knowledgeable expert blogger. Navigating the blogger world is incredibly intimidating, but after a short consultation with her, she gave me the boost I needed to believe in myself and take my blog to the next level. Within six months, my blog finally became profitable and I was able to host several of my own events in partnership with brands. Her generosity and willingness to lift others definitely sets her apart from the rest.”

– Mai Lyn Ngo, Deep Fried Fit

“Jasmine, I just want to stop by to say, Thank You for all of the information you shared with me this past Friday! You are a gem! I truly appreciate all that you are doing for us newbies out here in the blogger world! I am hoping to build my blog and take all of my goals to the next level. I am in the process of getting my domain transferred over to wordpress.org (I belive that’s the one) so I may have more flexibility for the growth of my blog. I already started using the Blogger schedule and it has already helped me relieve a lot of unnecessary blogger stress lol. I look forward to learning and growing thanks to all of the information you have shared with me! 

– De’Ana D., DeanaFierce.Com

“Jasmine made me feel very comfortable and like no question was too “basic”. There was an outline provided so I’d know where to start with questions and not go in blindly. She also helped tremendously with my understanding of SEO in just one session! Whether you’re a new or experienced blogger, highly recommend her!”

–  Melody Sours – Blingaholic88.com


If you’re ready to take your blog to the next level or looking to start a blog from scratch, please email me at jasmine@xojasmine.com to get started! Consults can be held in person if you’re in the Atlanta area or via Skype.