5 tips to achieve the perfect work/life balance

5 tips to achieve the perfect work/life balance

Throwing yourself into a new business while retaining a personal life can be an impossible goal, but with the right strategies you can prevent losing your mind and your family. Creating a good work/life balance is fundamental for any role, but something that can be tough. Work/life balance is the positive relationship between our career and extra activities in life such as friends, family, sports etc. They are not separate entities and therefore it is important to acknowledge how we can integrate both to form a happy and healthy relationship.

1. Try to draw a line between work and home
If you can help it, work from a space that you have to make an effort to travel to, just to make the distinction between work and family and the kitchen table and boardroom.

2. Always stop for meals
If you’re working from home, have set times when you stop to eat or drink with your family or go home for lunch if you can. Make sure you keep this time consistent and try to switch your phone off.

3.Turn off the Phone
Turn off your cell phone during dinnertime. Don’t put it on vibrate, turn it off. I can’t have it on vibrate because I’ll hear it and be tempted to respond or answer.Your business is not going to collapse during that hour. So turn it off! If you just have to have it on, at least put it on silent and place it in another room that way you’re not tempted to touch it.

4. Do something social/fun in the evenings
Doing something you enjoy after work, whether it’s going out for dinner or going to workout… these things will all help de-stress you from your days work and calm you down. Although this may be an obvious point, it really does help you switch off. I personally love going out for dinner with friends, good company, good drinks, and good food is the perfect way to relax after a hard day at work!

5. Make a practice of unplugging
You need to build in uninterrupted thinking to your day, away from technology and the expectation of immediate response. Leave that fear of missing out at the bedroom door. Don’t bring your smartphone to bed. Our brains need rest to produce innovative ideas.

How do you achieve work/life balance?

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