2015! Year of Making It Happen

2015! Year of Making It Happen

Happy New Year!! I was blessed with being able to bring in the new year in Las Vegas with my husband and boy did we have a ball. It’s Vegas duh!

Bringing in the new year, I already had some projects and ideas in the works and being able to fully act on them this year can not be more exciting. Towards the end of 2014, I became busy running and getting Dallas Blogger Collective on track with the new changes made plus running my company. I began to lack on posting to my blog here and it became a back burner. If you blog, especially style bloggers, you know scheduling to take your photos for the blog plus post about it takes a lot of work. Any blogger to keep your readers and blog up to date should at least blog 2-3 times a week and I begin to become 2-3 times a month. Not cool!   SLACKER! Of course, who am I to complain to be busy or not enough hours in the day when Beyonce dropped a secret album + videos + a world tour!



With that being said, time management has become a major thing for me to focus on and continue to keep it going strongly throughout the new year. Luckily with my Emily Ley Simplified Planner (which are probably sold out everywhere), I can keep up with everything I need done plus more. Super excited to make 2015 my bitch! My year! #GirlBosses are taking over 2015! Year of Making it Happen!




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